Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings

Although most of us are familiar with the famous logos in the world, not everyone knows about the mysterious hidden meanings behind them  There’s a lot of logos that have hidden meanings behind them that you may not have known before  We share all of the famous logos and what hidden meanings that their logos […]

How To Design A Movie Poster

Movie posters matter significantly when promoting movies and advertising them to the public  There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when designing a movie poster to provide the best possible result  In this article, we give helpful info on how you can design a movie poster  Since even the earliest […]

Best Tablets For Logo Designers

Finding a high quality drawing tablet is important for any graphic designer, but the process can seem overwhelming when you’re first starting  You want to make sure that you get the best tablet possible for your money and are choosing the best option on the market  We talk about all of the top tablets for […]

Logo Design Trends We’ve Seen In 2021

New trends come and go every year, and for this year there were a lot of design trends predicted  Did these predictions come true and what were they?  We go over all the graphic design trends that we’ve seen in 2021 and why they were so popular  The beautiful thing about graphic design is that […]

The History Of The Burger King Logo

Three hamburger fast-food chains are usually the first fast-food chains people think of: McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. While McDonald’s has never wavered from being the top burger chain when it comes to sales, Burger King has tried to rival them time and time again.  While Burger King doesn’t have any signature double gold arches, […]

How To Design A T-shirt

As a graphic designer when you think about designing a t-shirt it can seem intimidating at first  Designing a t-shirt can be not only easy, but it can also be fun if you have the right knowledge  In this article we cover how to design a killer t-shirt by giving tips like picking the right […]

Ways To Find Inspiration As A Logo Designer

As a logo designer, finding inspiration isn’t always easy, and having the motivation to work doesn’t always come naturally  If you’re a creative that’s feeling lost at where you can find inspiration we’ve shared our list of top recommendations  Traveling, taking walks, and spending time with family are all ways that you can find inspiration […]

How To Design a Logo

Designing a logo may seem like a tall order, but with the right knowledge and resources it is possible  A logo is an important part of a brand, which is why it’s essential that your logo design is nothing but flawless  A few things to keep in mind when creating a logo is to keep […]

Logo Redesigns That Hit The Nail On The Head

Logo redesigns can be big tasks and a risky move for brands, but with the right knowledge you can have a successful one  We share some of the most successful redesigns in history to help you tackle your redesign and know what to include in it  A few of the greatest redesigns of all time […]

How To Break Free From Your Creative Rut

Getting stuck in a creative rut can halt your work and leave you feeling discouraged  The good news is that there are ways that you can break free from your creative rut and get inspired  We’ve gathered a list of ways that you can get your inspiration back and feel motivated to create again If […]

Best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry-leading software that has helped millions of graphic designers to create stunning designs  There are alternatives to the software that will get you similar results and be more budget-friendly  We share all of our best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternative and why you should choose them For years now, Adobe Creative […]

How To Design A Stellar Business Card

Business cards are an important part of marketing, even in a world that is filled with social media  For those who are both new to graphic design and those that are experienced in the industry business card designing can be difficult  We share all of our top tips for creating a stellar business card design, […]

Does The New Paramount Logo Have A Mistake?

There have been some pretty amazing and surprising logo redesigns in the past, but one that had people turning their heads was the Paramount redesign that was launched recently.

Logo Designer Names That Everyone Should Know

To better understand logo design, you have to know the history behind it and who influenced it  There have been many influential graphic designers in our time that have affected modern graphic design, both those that are recognized and those that are less well known  These logo designers include Rob Janoff, Will Burtin, and Paul […]

How To Design A Killer Logo

Defining the process of creating a logo can be difficult; every graphic designer has their own method and their own technique and not all follow a specific set rulebook of steps for creating their logos. Some turn on their favorite jams and rock out with the music up while they’re going through twenty different logo […]

The Best And Worst Logo Redesigns Of 2021

We may not be at the end of the year yet, but there have still been a variety of amazing redesigns this year  Let’s take a look at some of the best logo redesigns that we’ve seen this year and those that have been the worst  These include iconic redesigns this year like the Amazon […]

The Olympic Logo Redesigned

The 2020 Olympics have come and gone, but our memories from the Games won’t fade anytime soon. Along with the competitions, athletes, and theatrics, a great amount of detail has been poured into the designs for Olympic-associated events throughout the years. The 2020 Olympics were obviously a Games like no other – held in 2021, […]

Best Three Adobe Photoshop Courses

Adobe Photoshop is important for anyone looking for a career in graphic design and can help you deliver the best possible results to clients  If you’re unsure of where to begin, there are a variety of classes available online to help you  We share our top three classes, including those for both beginners and advanced […]

The World’s Most Famous Logos And How They’ve Impacted Us

Logos have a huge impact on us and our world. There are some logos that are so iconic that it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t instantly recognize them Just a few of these iconic logos are Nike, Apple, and Google. These brands have created amazing logos to represent their brand that are famous today  […]