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Handy logo design tips.

When designing a logo, you can focus so much on it, that sometimes when you finally sit back and take a good look at it, you find you have missed a few  important things-  things that in logo design are to important to miss.  And, also happen to be a good way to base your basic idea on.

1. Color. As you can see below, color plays a huge part in any logo. You can have a great idea, and the logo itself can be just right, but then, there is just that little “Can I see it is a different color?” comment, coming from a client.

Color Psychology in Logo Design


Font. Make sure it is something that easy to read, and it stands out. Try to stay away from to much cursive/script, unless the client specifically requests it.  Streamline is better than cluttered.

3. Keep in mind, while most clients have a good idea of  what they want, they are not always too clear on just how to incorporate that into a logo. Feel free to discuss, offer different alternatives  to them, and get a good feel for what they are going for, before they even start.


Make it unique- put simply, no one wants someone else’s logo. However, try not to air on the other side, of making it too unique-there is a fine balance there. You want  it to still be hip, trendy, cool, etc. You DO NOT want it to look outdated.


Lastly, remember the success of a good logo is not in what you think of it, but in what the client thinks of it.  So, don’t get so caught up in what you think looks good that you don’t listen to your client. You want them to be satisfied in the end, not you.

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