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Logos in real life.

I thought I would take a moment and expound on the importance of designing your logo with more than just your website in mind, regardless of how small your company may be at the moment. Both Google and Yahoo started out as small websites but have grown into giant companies with extremely large headquarters, and their logo (being their brand) needs to be prominently featured on location. I personally think the Yahoo brand looks much, much cooler than the Google logo, at least on a sign, largely because of the spacing between the sign and the letters of the logo. Check them out below.

And there is obviously eBay, which has actually worked the transparency of the different letters in their logo into the sign itself (or at least the illusion of the letters being transparent).

One of my favorite logos of all time is also featured below, I’ve been in love with the Newsvine logo ever since I first saw the brand on the wall, which completely turns a rather nondescript logo into something very powerful and corporate.

And this post would certainly not be complete without showing how you can butcher a logo as well:

Above, the Toyota logo is used very poorly (in my opinion) on the outside of a building. I’m not quite sure what the designer was thinking as I’ve seen better representations of the Toyota brand on the back of a car.

The Microsoft headquarters, while not completely butchering the job, still missed out on a lot when putting this sign up, the contrast between the logo and the wall just doesn’t do it for me, and I feel they could have really made a better job of it (black logo on a white wall?)

In closing, when creating your brand remember to treat your company logo like it’s going to be representing the next Ford Motor Company or AT& T and be pasted all over the place. Hey, you never know!

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