We’re always looking for talented writers who love logo design! While we don’t pay a fortune ($25 per post) we do give you full credit for the post and provide a link to your website or portfolio (or both if you wish).

Interested? Continue reading below…


Anyone is welcome to write, but you do need to have a decent grasp of the English language, and a basic understanding of proper grammar.

You can write about anything, as long as it is in some way about the following topics: Logo Design, Graphic Design (can include any sort of graphic design including t-shirt, print, web etc…), Entrepreneurship, running a business, dealing with clients, promoting your business, resources for designers. Basically, if you can make it work then we’ll love it.

We do prefer social media friendly articles, things like “20 cool logo designers” “10 places to get free fonts” get our blood pumping.

NO: ads. We don’t want articles that are really just an ad promoting whatever you are selling. If writing about your experience adds to the article then that’s great, but don’t turn it into a sales pitch.

Minimum of 400 words per article.

This should go without saying but your article needs to be completely 100% unique, and it needs to be something interesting, we’re not interested in publishing rehashed articles from someone elses site.

If we buy the article and publish it you can’t publish it anywhere else.


Still interested? Well, first you need to get in touch with us and find out if we’re interested in what you want to write. Just email and let us know what you are thinking about writing, and please include an example of some kind of previous writing you have done (can be anything), so that we can get an idea of how good your grasp of the english language and grammar is.

Then, if we give you the green light, simply write your article. Once it is completed send it to along with a short (20 words or so) bio about yourself and a 50×50 picture of yourself, and a link to your website or portfolio or both, and your PayPal email address.

If we like your article (which we probably will as long as it is awesome and follows the above rules), we’ll let you know and then we’ll send you $25 via PayPal. Payments go out about every 2 weeks.