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My Honest Review of Flocksy
(and the results I got)

by Amanda Sweeney

Whether you’re starting your business or going through a rebranding, your marketing material and web design can be vital to your success. Since it can take weeks to find and receive work from a single graphic designer or marketing agency, online services with a fast turnaround are extremely appealing. 

Does Flocksy’s Unlimited Creative Services subscription live up to the hype? Let’s dive in.


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As someone who’s always on the move, creating captivating content while exploring new destinations is my passion. But let’s be real, the hustle to create eye-catching graphics and aesthetic videos can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re juggling flights, poor wi-fi, and jet lag.

Thankfully, there’s Flocksy, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for my Instagram content! In this review, I’ll take you through the fantastic features and experiences I’ve had with Flocksy’s unlimited graphic design and video editing subscription over the past month.

Flocksy Overview

What is Flocksy?

Flocksy is a creative services platform that offers unlimited graphic design, video, copywriting, illustrations and more for an affordable flat rate. There are several different tiers and payment plans available, so you’re sure to find one that will fit your company’s needs.

Flocksy’s first and most affordable tier, the Silver Plan, not only provides a wide variety of graphic design categories (including logo design) but also offers completely original custom illustrations. These services are all included in the higher tiered subscriptions, in addition to copywriting, web and app design, landing pages, and voice-over work (to name a few).

How Does Flocksy Work?

The Flocksy platform and pricing are very upfront and straightforward. Whether you need unlimited marketing materials, virtual assistant services, or one-off projects — you submit your briefs the same way and can monitor them all from your dashboard.

1. First, determine which plan is right for your business needs.
All plans come with Graphic Design and Custom Illustrations. The Gold and Platinum plan come with Virtual Assistant services, in addition to Video Editing and Copywriting, but no matter which tier you choose, you’ll be assigned a Project Manager. Your dedicated Project Manager is there to help you use the platform, answer any questions and keep you informed about your project status.

2. Once you’ve signed up, you can quickly create your first project brief or Virtual Assistant project
You can choose from the available categories (copywriting, graphic design, video editing, etc.), and then easily answer the simple questions provided and provide any references or files you have.

3. Pro Tip: When you’re creating your project, you’ll also be able to add brand buckets.
These allow you to organize all your brand guidelines and material in one place. These files can include previous logo designs, a brand guide, color palettes, or whatever you need. The buckets are essentially like having a Google Drive folder for your brand assets.

4. Once the project is created, you can sit back and wait for results.
If the Flocksy team has any questions they’ll promptly let you know or start working on your project. As your creative team works on your projects, they’ll send you updates and ask any questions they might have to ensure they’re meeting your expectations.

5. Communicate with the Flocksy Team however you want.
Thanks to the Zapier integration you can get your updates wherever works best for you. Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, etc.- they’re all available. If you like Slack, Zapier can help you manage projects through their channels. If you like Trello, Zapier can make new cards every time you start a project. When your project is done, you’ll get the final files from your creative and be able to leave feedback or ask for revisions.

6. The best part is you’ll be able to invite back creatives you enjoy working with.
These long-term relationships allow you to build rapport with your creative. They’ll get to know you and your work, creating a smoother experience during each of your subsequent projects.

Who Is Flocksy Good For?

Flocksy is for startups, bloggers, marketers, creative agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs – just about anyone who needs cost-effective, high quality graphic design services, on an ongoing basis.

Some industries Flocksy has worked with include:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • E-Commerce Retailers
  • Amazon & Other Online Merchants
  • Affiliate Marketing Professionals
  • Print Service Providers
  • Spas & Beauty Parlors
  • Restaurants & Dining Establishments
  • Service Centers
  • Social Media Management Teams
  • Churches and Religious Institutions
  • Legal Practices
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Not-For-Profit Entities
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Business Development Executives

How Much Does Flocksy Cost?

Flocksy offers three pricing tiers with fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plan. Even the entry level Silver plan includes Zaiper integrations, dedicated project manager, unlimited graphic design and custom integrations and the ability to form your own creative team.

Flocksy: PricingThe Silver Plan
The Silver Plan is $499 per month and provides unlimited copywriting, design, and illustration options. You’ll have one active project slot and a queue that updates and assigns creatives to projects automatically.

The Gold Plan
With the Gold Plan, you get a lot more flexibility. The Gold Plan is $995 per month, and comes with everything listed in the Silver Plan as well as their voice-over and audio team, web and app design, and animated GIFs. With the Gold Plan, you can have unlimited brand buckets — making it the perfect plan for larger companies and marketing agencies. You also have the ability to run Virtual Assistant projects with the Gold Plan, meaning you can not only have your marketing materials created for you by Flocksy but also posted to your social media accounts, data input and so much more.

The Platinum Plan
With the Platinum Plan, you get everything Flocksy has to offer. The Platinum Plan is $1,695 per month, and you’ll get everything that comes with the Gold Plan as well as presentation design, PSD to HTML, work done in Figma and Canva and more.

All plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee and unlimited active users and brand buckets which means there’s no end to the brand materials you can collaborate on.

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get a dedicated project manager and use the same vetted creatives. So, while Flocksy’s monthly plans are cheaper than the competition, they’re certainly right in line with what similar companies offer in terms of quality and project options. Also, with Flocksy you’re able to receive a plethora of marketing materials since they offer copywriting and video editing services on top of graphic design.

What Companies Has Flocksy Worked With?

Flocksy is used by companies of all sizes, from startups and entrepreneurs to non-profits and Fortune 500 Companies, some of the larger companies they have worked with include:

How Long Does a Project on Flocksy Take?

Flocksy is all about fast turnaround times and quick responses. When you create a project, you can expect a message from a Flocksy creative the same day. You can also typically expect same day updates if not project finalizations from the creative. This time can be affected by how complex the project is. However, you’ll always be provided with an estimate of the completion date and regular updates from your creatives and project manager.

For Virtual Assistant projects, the VA team will work for an hour on whichever task you’ve assigned them each day. This could be anything from data input to booking the cheapest flight available. Your project manager will help you decide how to chunk up your task and you’ll receive an update, files or completed project by the end of the day.

Additionally, as you work with the same creatives consistently, you’ll be able to enjoy a smoother, faster experience, which is something their competitors can’t.

Flocksy's Promise: "Quality, Consistent and Quick"

The work that comes out of Flocksy is high quality because Flocksy pre-vets all their creatives and ensures they only hire the best talent. You can count on your creative team and virtual assistants for a quick turnaround and work you’ll be proud of.

At you can see a portfolio of work that spans categories and style types. The logos range from crisp and clean to elegant and soft. There are also examples of custom illustration work, video editing projects and landing pages. Because there are so many different types of digital artists and web developers working on the projects, Flocksy can handle almost any design style or need.

Overall, Flocksy is all about quality. If something isn’t perfect the first time around, they allow unlimited revisions, and the creatives regularly ask questions to ensure they understand exactly what you need from them. It’s hard to find that type of dedication to quality from a typical freelancer. It’s like having your own in-house team without paying for the full-time employees.

I signed up and ran two projects on Flocksy to try them out

When I signed up for the Flocksy Gold Plan, I knew I needed help editing the content in my backlog without taking away from being present while traveling. As an “influencer”, I need to make sure my Instagram is constantly updated, which can be incredibly hard while also trying to film and capture amazing moments to share on my trips around the world.

For my first two projects, I asked the Flocksy team to create:

  • One Carousel Post using the photos I took on my trip to Greece, along with my travel recommendations.
  • One Instagram Reel from my recent sponsored trip to an Airbnb in Vermont, that would double as an ad for this vacation rental.
1. First I filled out the creative brief and told them what I wanted

The part that seemed the most daunting to me was the brief.

Luckily, writing the briefs for my designs and video needs was a breeze. I was able to get started immediately after signing up, and the platform’s user-friendly interface made it super easy for me to communicate my vision. I could provide detailed instructions, share references, and even leave comments or feedback seamlessly.

Not only was the brief easy to write, but messaging the designers was a piece of cake. The ability to use Loom to send voice notes and screen recordings made it easy to thoroughly explain my ideas. Trust me, it’s a total game-changer when you’re on the move and need toconvey your ideas swiftly.

The Brand Buckets feature proved to be a lifesaver, especially when I needed to ensure consistency across all my content. Having all my branding elements in one place made it incredibly convenient for the creatives to align with my style effortlessly.

I was able to upload my logo, references, previous Instagram posts, and a style guide in about 2 minutes after signing up! 

2. I got results back really fast (within hours)

One of the first things that struck me about Flocksy was the lightning-fast turnaround time. When I submitted my requests, I was blown away by how quickly the creative assigned to my task reached out to give me a timeline on when I could expect a result.

Within hours, I received initial designs and video drafts, allowing me to keep my content creation momentum going. 

3. The changes I requested were also done quickly
Now, revisions are part and parcel of any creative process, right? But with Flocksy, getting revisions done was simple! The team was quick to implement changes and incredibly receptive to my feedback. The revisions were always sent back to me within 24 hours, and the creative nailed it every time. (totally cool side note: you don’t have to wait for your revisions to get done to start your next project!) In total, I had 3 revisions across both projects — which was incredible given that I left my carousel brief and video editing brief pretty open-ended in terms of font and styling. The best part? The creative, Sara, who worked on my carousel post, sent me an editable link for all of the images she created for my Instagram post. When I noticed I had made a spelling error on the brief and needed the name of a city to be corrected — I was able to hop into the link, fix the spelling mistake, and post the content within 15 minutes of receiving the files. The ability to request your creative teamwork within Canva for projects that require lightning-speed turnaround times is an absolute game changer for content creators like me. (and those who type too fast and occasionally forget to proofread 🤣)
4. The final results of my first two Flocksy projects
My Greek Vacation Instagram Carousel

What can I say about my newest carousel post except: picture-perfect, engaging, and perfectly aligned with my travel aesthetic. I attached a few references for the Graphic Designer Sara and was hopeful that she would understand my minimalist, clean brand style. The carousel post was a visual delight, each slide telling a different story about my recent trip.

I also really enjoyed her ability to organize the images across the slides. I gave her no direction on which photos to use with which travel tips, but she was able to match images with the text in a way that made every image cohesive. As you can see for yourself, the design itself is beautiful, and something I’m proud to feature on my feed.

My Winter Getaway Travel Reel

My Instagram reel brief specified that it had to be visually appealing but also needed to sell the viewer on the idea that this Airbnb is a must-see, and Flocksy video editor Virginia did just that. I sent her a series of clips and videos we had filmed while staying at the cabin, and gave her no other real direction other than: “Please create a reel that shows off how amazing this house is.”

Virginia added her own captions to each new scene such as “Stay warm and cozy by the fireplace”, which was above and beyond what I had asked for. Not only that but the graphics and animations she chose added to the winter wonderland magic of the location. The only revision I had was to change the font, and Virginia had the reel revised and sent back to me the same day! The music she chose for the reel also had the exact “wintery” feel I was going for — I couldn’t have been more pleased! 

Was Flocksy’s Unlimited Subscription worth it?

Flocksy has truly been a lifesaver for this on-the-go travel influencer. With their lightning-fast turnaround, seamless briefing process, swift revisions, easy brand bucket creation, and impressive carousel and reel creations, I’ve found a partner that helps elevate my content creation game while I continue to explore the world.

I also couldn’t believe the sheer amount of projects I could complete with my Unlimited Subscription. They had subcategories spanning from YouTube thumbnails, landing pages, Facebook ads, TikTok videos, blog post copy and so much more!  Trust me, if you’re a content creator looking to ease the load without compromising quality, Flocksy is the way to go.

To summarize: Flocksy provides access to high-quality creatives who can complete your projects quickly. While more complex projects do take longer, the work you get back is never going to take longer than a typical marketing agencies timeline and will always be worth the wait. You also build a long-term relationship with your creatives, which can be invaluable. Moreover, Flocksy offers many services, not just graphic design or copywriting.

Flocksy: Portfolio
Screenshot from


Pros, Cons, Tips and Alternatives

Flocksy's Pros - things I loved

Consistent quality from the same creatives
Instead of jumping around from freelancer to freelancer with inconsistent results, using Flocksy felt like building a relationship with talented professionals. I look forward to working on new projects with the team members I've already completed work with as I continue to use Flocksy.

A Single Flat Rate
While other companies might charge you for every type of project you need, with Flocksy, you’ll pay one flat rate whether you need design, copywriting, voice-overs, etc. So you get unlimited graphic design copywriting, video, and more all under one roof. No juggling several companies.

Advanced Integrations That Are Always Growing
Flocksy is also an innovator as they continue to provide new, incredibly useful integrations, including with Zapier. Because Zapier allows you to manage your project in whichever app you like best, staying on top of your Flocksy projects is uncomplicated. They also plan to add more integrations in the future.

Quick Turnaround Times
Flocksy offers a team of creatives who are readily available to take on your projects, so if you have one being worked on by one person and need to start a different project, another designer or writer will be ready and waiting.

Dedicated Project Managers With Every Plan
You’ll get a project manager on whichever no-contract plan you choose. They’ll act as your guide and contact whenever you have questions or concerns, which can be invaluable when you’re juggling several projects at a time. Moreover, you’ll always be able to talk to your creatives and troubleshoot or test designs to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Virtual Assistants
Flocksy’s Virtual Assistants can help take the pressure off of business leaders by coordinating business calendars, scheduling meetings, and making travel arrangements. They can also help to manage your brand’s social media presence by creating social media posting schedules, providing relevant topics for social media posts, and performing target audience research to determine which platforms to focus engagement efforts on. Anything tasks you don’t have the time to complete — Flocksy’s VA team can get done for you!

Flocksy's Cons - things I didn't like so much

Here is the only downside to the Flocksy services:

The Platinum Plan has it all
While Flocksy does provide unlimited video, web design, and voice-over work, those services are only available on the higher-priced plan. If you don’t need video, web design, or voice-over work, then the Silver plan is perfect for you. When you do want those services, the Platinum Plan offers them all under one roof for one flat fee and no contracts. The benefit is that it saves you money in the long run when you don’t have to work with several different creative services.

No backend web development
While you can get quality landing pages designed and coded in WordPress, Flocksy doesn't do any backend development, so if you're looking to get an app coded you'll need to look elsewhere.

Flocksy Alternatives

There are several design services that offer similar designs services similar to Flocksy (however, many of them don’t offer categories other than graphic design in the way that Flocksy does).

Design Pickle – Design Pickle offers three-tiered plans for graphic design services. However, they don’t offer copywriting or voiceover services. What’s more, in their top-tier plan, you’re paying well over what Flocksy charges for their Access Plan, and you don’t get as much. If you need solely graphic design, the lower plans might be good options for you. But if you’re looking for a well-rounded service, Flocksy is where it’s at.

Kimp – Kimp also offers unlimited design and three plans- graphics, video, and graphics + video. Their services are similar to Design Pickle. However, because they let you focus on either graphics, video, or both, it makes it easier for businesses looking for one or the other. Again, they don’t provide copywriting services or voiceover work.

99Designs – 99 Designs is a graphic service backed by Vista. They allow users to work directly with creatives or start a contest. They can create graphics for logos, book covers, websites, and more. Again, they focus solely on design. Because of their contest and one on work, the service prices vary.

Tips for Using Flocksy

To use Flocksy successfully, it can be quite helpful to start at the top – your brief. Because this is the first and most-detailed point of contact with your team, it’s beneficial to be as thorough as possible. By providing as many details as possible, you minimize the chance that a creative will have to ask you questions about your project. They’ll be able to get started right away and get it back to you sooner.

Because Flocksy offers so many services, it can be important to include your brand messaging and style with each project in your brand bucket. That way, no matter which creative works on your project, they’ll understand what your company is all about and who you are. The nice thing about Flocksy is that you can also include several reference images and links in the brief for your Creative to use as inspiration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a couple of questions you might have in your head before you start working with Flocksy. Here are a few answers to some of the most burning questions.

Flocksy has many positive reviews on popular review sites such as TrustPilot and G2, and you can check the ratings of each creative you work with. Additionally, they provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re looking for more than just graphic design and need the full suite of creative services, then Flocksy is likely your best option. While its competitors may be able to provide unlimited graphic design, they won’t be able to do the same with copywriting, voice-overs, and web design.

Unlimited graphic design is exactly what it sounds like. You can start an unlimited number of design, copywriting, or video projects, which our creatives will work on as you enter them into the system. You’ll also get unlimited revisions, so if something isn’t quite right, you can keep working with your creative until it’s perfect.

Flocksy offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. That means you can cancel and receive a full refund if you decide that the service isn’t right for you at any time during the two weeks. During that time, you’ll be able to utilize the platform to the fullest and test out all the features. They truly stand behind their services, and it’s great to see that they offer this total satisfaction guarantee.

No. Flocksy doesn’t assign plans to contracts. You can cancel at any time by reaching out to Flocksy through email.

The user! You’ll own all paid works created by the Flocksy team and be able to use them forever.

Design Pickle only offers graphic design services, a significant difference between these platforms. Their most popular plan, Graphics Pro, offers many design options with a dedicated Account Manager and fast turnaround. However, Flocksy delivers all that for the same price and unlimited copywriting, voice-over, web design, and video services.

What’s more, Flocksy creatives are stable and known for their quality. When you find someone you want to keep working with, it’s easy. You can request them for all your future projects and build a relationship with them. No matter your plan, you can always build those relationships with your graphic designers, writers, video editors, etc.


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