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Logo Design Love: a book every designer should have

Logo Design Love” from David Airey was more than just a book about logo design. If you haven’t begun your fantastic journey into brand design, then you should really pick up this book and get some awesome pointers and advice. If you have been at brand design for a while this book is a great pick-me-up and reminder of what branding is all about.

Logo Design Love is broken down into 3 parts, “The Importance of brand identity,” “The process of design,” and “Keep the fires burning,” totaling 11 chapters.

When you start reading the chapter: “The Importance of brand identity,” you start to realize that logos and brands are everywhere. Of course we all know they that, but David does a test to see just how many logos he finds when he wakes up in the morning. It’s really incredible how dominate brands are in everyday life. You’ll also be brought up to speed on what a logos purpose is.

Part 2, “The process of design,” will take you step by step through all of important steps in the design process. Some of us are quick to forget all the steps, or we just forget to take our time. This part will help you understand how to gather ideas and put them on paper, sort of like chapter 4 says, “laying the groundwork.” The most important thing you’ll want to read on is getting the brief right. There are several starter ideas here for you to build on, and David almost makes it too easy for us.

Pricing is also another important chapter (chapter 6) that most of us freelancers struggle with. Although a definite payment plan isn’t easy to come to, David will explain some trials and errors he went through to help you come to a plan of attack. It’s a very touch and go situation. If you charge too little, a client will think you’re cheap, too much and a client won’t come to you. It’s all in the book.

You can download chapter 7: From pencil to PDF for free here:

Finally we close with “Keep the fires burning.” Freelancers, especially ones who work alone, can benefit from this chapter the most. Struggling with ideas and inspiration can be frustrating. Some of the advice seems so obvious, but with all that goes on, and the stresses of finishing a project, it seems like maybe we forget some of the most basic helpers. You’ll also get to read about some of David’s client experiences, like working with a bad client, and he even offers advice on working with family.

Logo Design Love is full of helpful advice from David Airey, and I loved reading about his personal experiences with clients and his own situations with work. So pick up this book if you’re still in school, freelancing or just want a refresher. It’s fresh and it was a book full of logo design love.

You can buy the book at

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  • by Robert L. McMann
    Posted March 20, 4:01 pm 0Likes

    Literally, just picked up my copy.

  • by David Airey
    Posted March 21, 9:48 am 0Likes

    Hi Jamie, thanks very much for publishing your overview of my book. That’s kind of you.

  • by Robert K.
    Posted April 14, 4:40 am 0Likes

    I think I will go and grab myself a copy. I am a fan of David Airey’s work.

  • by Herbug
    Posted September 5, 1:07 pm 0Likes

    Excellent article, thanks for the link!

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