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A Complete Guide To Flocksy

  • If you need a new logo design, but you’re not sure where to start, take a look at this week’s featured agency, Flocksy. 
  • Flocksy is a platform that connects any business with the creative services it needs. From branding and web design to illustrations and video, the creatives who work at Flocksy can do it all. 
  • When it comes to your logo, you need a designer you can trust, a fixed budget, and a timeline you can count on. Flocksy delivers on each of these to its clients.

Why Should You Choose A Logo Design Service?

If you’re a business owner, there’s no doubt that you need a high-quality logo. A strong logo is essential for a business’ brand identity. With a bad logo that doesn’t work on different screen sizes or in print, a business looks shabby and unpolished. No one wants to look that way! 

Your logo makes a statement about your business. Are you modern and traditional or progressive and forward-thinking? Are you a combination of both? What’s most important for your customers to know about you first? 

Once you’ve answered these critical questions, then you can start actually drawing up your logo. But what if that’s not your talent? What if you have a million things to do and learning logo design just isn’t one of them? 

That’s where Flocksy comes in and makes your life easier. With this new online platform, business owners around the world can connect with top creatives in many areas, including logo design, for a final product that’s going to represent their business well. 

It’s not easy to run a business and provide the creative elements that represent it as a whole. Flocksy can provide the artwork for you – but how? 

How Does It Work?

If you and your business team decide to sign up for Flocksy, then you’ll only need to learn how the platform works. It’s super simple, intuitive, and offers amazing support. 

First, on the Flocksy dashboard, you create your project. For example, you might write, “Logo needed for new men’s clothing boutique.” 

Then, you’ll need to answer a few questions about what exactly you’re looking for and provide any files you think will help the creative. For example, you can provide images of logos you like, as well as documents with font and color specifications if you’ve already made those decisions.

The next step is that you’ll wait for the system to match you with a creative. Then once the creative has the project, they can either ask you questions or send you a draft based on your brief. 

If you like the work they do, you can accept it. If not, you can ask for revisions. You can also communicate with the dedicated project manager if you don’t think the creative is doing the work the right way.

Ultimately, the Flocksy platform is all about connecting businesses with the right creatives, as well as providing the support to make sure deadlines are met and you’re satisfied with the work the creative produces.

What’s The Budget Like?

If you’re wondering about the budget, the answer is pretty straightforward. Flocksy offers four plans at four separate pricing tiers. The three plans are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the Enterprise Plan. 

The Silver Plan is $499/month – if you pay on the monthly schedule. There’s a 10% discount for quarterly subscribers and a 15% discount for yearly subscribers. 

The Gold Plan includes everything you could need, with a priority on fast turnarounds and your own dedicated project managers. You’ll have the option to create your own teams for copywriting, video editing, graphic design, voiceover and audio, web development, animated gifs, and custom illustrations. The Gold Plan costs $995/month.

The Platinum Plan includes everything in the Silver and Gold plans PLUS  triple the output of the Silver Plan and PSD to HTML, and PSD to Drag and Drop Builders. The Platinum Plan costs $1695/month.

The Enterprise Plan includes everything in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans plus five active slots, a dedicated virtual assistant, and weekly video chats. Interested parties are told to contact Flocksy for pricing details.

One major advantage of the Silver Plan is that you can create projects through your own email account instead of on the Flocksy platform, and you can also do all your communication through your own email account.

The Silver Plan is a less expensive $499/month, and includes a 24-hour turnaround, same-day response, and all the teams of the all-access plan. You’ll have to do all your communication through the Flocksy platform, though.

What Are The Benefits?

The main benefits of Flocksy are the fast turnaround and the ease of use. It’s quick to sign up, it’s easy to create projects, and then all you have to do is update your instructions (if needed) and finalize by saying you accept the work (if it’s acceptable).

Flocksy Gives You Freedom

What we love about Flocksy the most is how you can submit your project, sit back, focus on where you need to take your business and let the creatives do their work. We also like how much control you have over the process. You decide exactly what you want and exactly what the creative needs to know for each of your projects. You don’t need to worry about relationship-building or keeping people up-to-date on changes, unless those changes directly affect the project. It’s all about you and your needs, whatever they may be, from illustrations to web design. 

The next time you need a logo design service, make sure to check out Flocksy and see what they have to offer. You might find the perfect design has been waiting for you on the other side of the platform!