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A Complete Guide to LogoMyWay

Let’s set things straight: a strong brand wins you customers and promotes your growth. And to have a strong brand, you’ll need an excellent brand identity – that is, a great logo, the right combination of colors, appealing typography, to name a few. 

Specifically, you’ll need a well-developed logo to build customer recognition, boost customer loyalty, and increase employee motivation. But how exactly do you arrive at an excellent logo for your business? The answer is: through crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing involves obtaining commodities, knowledge, ideas, etc., from many people. These individuals submit their ideas in response to online requests made through crowdsourcing platforms. One such platform is the LogoMyWay used to obtain logo ideas and designs. 

This post details everything about LogoMyWay, including what it is, how it works, its benefits and drawbacks, its pricing plans, and more.

Feel free to jump ahead!

What is LogoMyWay?

Joe Daley: LogoMyWay Founder and CEO. Image source

LogoMyWay is a U.S.-based crowdsourcing logo design firm that connects clients with thousands of professional logo designers from across the world. Owned by Joe Daley, this logo design company promises more than 40 logo ideas and concepts for every new client.

With its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, LogoMyWay has over 30,000 skilled logo designers from over 100 countries worldwide. The designers can make logo designs for your websites, business cards, t-shirts, and other business tools.

Now let’s see how this crowdsourcing firm works.

How does LogoMyWay work?

LogoMyWay works by holding logo competitions, whereby designers submit their work, and clients choose the best from the lot. Clients offer a prize amount that ranges anywhere between $200 to $1000, with the best designer winning this money.

Here is a detailed description of what happens:

1.     You Fill Out Your Contest Brief and Determine the Prize Amount

You’re supposed to fill out your business’s information to help the logo designers understand what you want. Among the information needed is your business name, target audience, price plan, etc.

To get started, visit LogoMyWay. Locate the Start a Logo Contest button in the navigation menu and click on it. You’ll be redirected to a page where you’re supposed to key in the needed information as discussed below:

a.     Business information

You’ll add your business name, which will be used on the logo, a business slogan, and a few sentences describing your business. A slogan is a short, memorable phrase like “Where Design Meets Quality” or “Just Do It.” It’s vital but optional.

b.    Target audience

After adding your business information, you’re prompted to add your target audience. First, choose an industry that best describes your brand. It could be construction, technology, education, beauty, internet, automotive, etc. Choose miscellaneous if your brand’s industry isn’t among the provided industries. 

You should then add three things you want your logo to communicate to the audience. This could be things like Professionalism, Fun, Modern, etc. Lastly, you should describe your target audience—for instance, their age group, occupation, location, interests, and more.

c.   Style and concept

In this section, you’re required to add your logo’s style and concept. For instance, you’ll be asked to enter your favorite colors, style, and fonts. You’re then prompted to tick where your logo will be used- could be ‘on the web,’ ‘TV,’ ‘Billboards & Signs’, etc. Lastly, you’re requested to add any image you believe might help the designers. However, this is optional, and you must state whether you own the image 100% or not.

d.  Contest options

Here, you are prompted to select the contest options, including length, prize, upgrades, etc. The length of the contest should be between 5 – 10 days, reflecting the time you have to rank entries and provide feedback.

The prize amount should range from $200 to $1000, with the quality and variety of logos increasing as you increase the amount. Generally, there are three pricing plans under this bracket, including Minimum, Medium, and Highest, as discussed below:

●      Minimum: For as little as $200, you will receive about 40 – 65+ logo designs to choose from.

●      Medium: Price ranges from $350 to $550 in this category. You’re guaranteed about 85 – 125+ logo designs and concepts from top-quality designers.

●      Highest: Price ranges between $550 and $1000, and you’re assured of getting 200 – 500+ logo designs and concepts from top designers.

Next, you’re required to choose the upgrades for the contest logo. Generally, this contest has three upgrades, namely, Go Private, Get Featured, and Highlighted. Let’s see what each of these upgrades means:

●      Go Private: For an extra $49, you can ‘Go Private,’ meaning that you hide your contest from the public, search engine, and competitors.

●      Get Featured: For an extra $49, your contest gets featured at the top of others, increasing the designs by 50% – 100%.

●      Highlighted: For an extra fee of $15, your contest is highlighted in blue, increasing the submissions you get.

e.  Confirming the contest details

You’ll need to confirm the details you selected in the steps above in this section. You can make some adjustments where needed.

f.  Create account/login

After confirming the contest details, you’ll need to create an account or log in to your account if you already have one. If you’re creating a new account, you’ll fill out several details, including your email, username, business name, password, and country.

g.  Launch and payment

Next, you launch your contest to designers and pay the needed amount. In addition to the prize money, you must also pay a listing fee of $39 and an Admin fee of $45. You can make your payments through PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or Discover.

2.     Sit Back and Watch Magic Happen

After paying, you can now sit back and wait. Logo ideas and concepts from the over 30,000 logo designers at LogoMyWay will start streaming your way within hours. You can rank and give feedback to these ideas and concepts as they come in to increase perfection.

3.     Choose Your Favorite Logo Design and Download Your New Logo Files

Choose your favorite logo design and download your new logo files. You’ll get free variations of your logo, increasing your choices for a logo. You have 14 days to choose your favorite logo.

4.     Rules of running a contest

To get the best out of your contest, you should follow several rules, as follows:

  1. Leave feedback and rank your designs as the contest runs
  2. Avoid asking designers to copy another logo that’s not their creation
  3. Choose a winner within 14 days after your contest ends. If you need more time to decide, you can request the Support team for additional time.
  4. If the logo ideas you’ve received aren’t satisfactory, LogoMyWay will add 5 days to the contest so you can receive more logo submissions.

LogoMyWay’s primary goal is to ensure that you receive a logo design that matches you and your brand. Let’s divulge other top reasons why you should choose LogoMyWay:

Why LogoMyWay?

Of course, designing a solid logo that will serve your business for years to come is often easier said than done. But LogoMyWay comes in and makes logo designing easier for you.

Here are a few reasons why LogoMyWay is an excellent option for logo contests:

1. Crowdsourced Design Process

As a crowdsourcing business, LogoMyWay attracts thousands of designers from varying backgrounds and areas of expertise to work on your project. It allows clients to access the creative minds of experienced designers from different parts of the world.

Also, LogoMyWay gives clients the freedom to customize a design by providing real-time feedback, which isn’t possible with in-house design agencies.

2. Top-notch Customer Service

LogoMyWay clients are provided with a dedicated design specialist who they can email or call at any given time to get feedback about their contest.

3. Turn Around Time

The default TAT for LogoMyWay contests is 5 days. However, you can extend the contest as many times as you wish until you receive a satisfactory logo. Logo designs and ideas will start streaming your way hours after launching the contest.

4. Pricing

Perhaps the best thing about LogoMyWay is its pricing. For as little as $200, you can have a professional logo made for you by 40 – 65+ high-quality designers. The maximum amount for a contest is $1000, which is relatively low compared to other logo contest firms

5. Minimum Submission Guarantee

If you’re not contented with the submissions’ quality or receive less than 40 concept submissions, you can extend your contest or get a refund of the listing fee.

With a rating of 4.9/5 from around 590 ratings, considering this contest-based logo design firm for your logo needs should be a no-brainer.

LogoMyWay Cons

Like other crowdsourcing platforms, LogoMyWay has been criticized for failing to appreciate the efforts of designers. For many contests, only the winning designer gets paid, meaning the competitors’ efforts are disregarded. 

The bottom line

Contest-based logo designs like the one offered through LogoMyWay are an excellent option for firms looking for a wide variety of logo ideas at lower prices. It is a surefire way to land you an effective logo at a very pocket-friendly price.

With a customer rating of 4.9/5, LogoMyWay has a proven record of logo designs for customers worldwide. You can be sure to receive quality logo ideas and designs from thousands of its designers.