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Best Video Game Logos Of All Time

Video games have been a big part of our society for years, starting decades back and now working their way up to a huge industry. Enjoyed by children and adults alike, the gaming industry is huge. Although not many people put thought into video game logos, all great video games have to have an even better logo. The logo plays a very important role; it’s what people see first and remember. Here’s a collection of the best video game logos of all time! 

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Donkey Kong  

Released in 1981 by Nintendo, Donkey Kong was one of the first games to have a storyline that unfolds throughout the game right in front of your eyes. Whether it’s jumping over obstacles or fighting a bad guy the game has got your attention. This game went on to become one of the most loved and popular games of all time, even now. The logo above is the original Donkey Kong logo and developed by Rareware, it’s simple colorful and cartoony. 

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Sonic The Hedgehog 

Sonic The Hedgehog first appeared on video game screens in 1991. The blue hedgehog we all love was designed by Sega to compete with Nintendos mascot, Mario. The 

storyline is that the character Sonic can run at a super-fast speed as he tries to stop doctor Robotnik from taking over the world. The loveable character has made it into all of our hearts over the years, making him very popular. After a couple of false logos starts, the design above came out and has been there ever since.

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Minecraft hit the streets in 2011 and changed the gaming world forever. Not to be mistaken with legos, this game is centered around blocks that you can build anything with, allowing players to use their creativity. Although the Minecraft logo has been modified several times, its core building material cobblestone has stayed the same. Over the years Minecraft has become quite popular. 

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The first Xbox came out in 2001 and despite competing with other big gaming platforms at the time, Xbox still managed to rank high on the list of popular gaming platforms. The logo hasn’t undergone many changes in its time, being very similar to the same one that was initially launched and has become a recognizable favorite amongst the gaming community. 

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Destiny Logo 

Just as the game is, the Destiny logo is a mysterious and fascinating one. The logo is a simple three-sided fidget spinner, and it remains a mysterious puzzle to all gamers, even after all this time. The logo isn’t often discussed in-game and the origin is still something that gamers are attempting to figure out. 

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The Nintendo logo is a true classic and one that all generations can recognize. The familiar red letters on the white background have been branded on Nintendo branding used by millions of children around the world. This gaming logo is a great example of a simple, friendly, and light-hearted timeless gaming logo. 

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World Of Witchcraft 

Released in 2004, this video game was a turning point for the gaming industry. Set in the Lord Of The Rings era, this multiplayer game saw a unique interest amongst gamers. Over the years the logo has had a couple of color changes but overall has stayed the same. 

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If you’ve ever meant a gamer before, you’ll know that most of them are known for being night owls, hence why this classic logo and game is so appealing to gamers. The ‘O’ in the logo is replaced with a full moon, signifying creativity and the game’s meaning.  The logo appears to be glowing which helps it to be eye-catching as well as memorable.