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Examples Of Great Graphic Design Portfolios and A Few Tips

One of the greatest aspects of being a graphic designer is that you get inspired visually. Once you see something, you can get inspired to create something of your own similar overnight. Seeing other’s work can give you motivation and help you get out of creative ruts. If you’ve been unmotivated to work on your portfolio, or just want to take a look at other graphic designer’s work, this article is for you. 

We’ve collected a few of the top graphic designer’s online portfolios for you to look at and seek inspiration from. As you scan through these portfolios, examine all aspects of them; how they’re organized, what they feature, the image size, the font, the layout, and everything else included. Think about what areas you would like to include in your personal portfolio and what you don’t like about them. 

At the end of this post, you’ll find a short list of tips for creating an amazing graphic design portfolio. Starting out with your portfolio isn’t always easy since it’s your visual resume and your insurance to get jobs. You want your portfolio to be eye-catching, artistic and show your designing capabilities well. 

Kate Moross 

Chip Kidd 

Malika Favre

Dutch Uncle 

Adrien Loret

Aaron Lowell Denton 

Kaye Blegvad 

Robbie Simon 

 Magda Ksiezak

Mingfei Yang

 Ping Zhu

Helpful Tips For Building Your Graphic Design Portfolio 

Here are four of our top tips for those building their portfolios and what you can apply to your portfolio to produce the best one. With these and examining the examples above you can have the tools that you need to build the best portfolio possible and one that you’ll be proud of. These tips can be applied to any graphic designer who is looking to build an amazing portfolio that they’ll love. 

  • Be ruthless. As a graphic designer, when you pour energy and effort into any project, you’re proud of it and naturally want to show it off. This means that you’ll automatically want to include it in your portfolio. But when you’re building your portfolio you have to be ruthless and brutally honest with yourself. Learn to look at your work objectively and decide what should actually earn it’s place in your portfolio. There’s no limit to how many pieces you can include in your portfolio, but you want to make sure that each piece you include is nothing but flawless. Choose carefully what you want to include and make sure it’s nothing but your best. 

  • Include Your Personality. People want to see more than just your work in your portfolio, they want to see you. They want to know who they’re hiring and the best way that you can show them is through your work. Although this is something that is often easier said than done, anything you can add to your portfolio to help your portfolio shine through can help in securing you a job. 

  • Get Inspired. You’re already succeeding in this area since you’ve reached the end of this article and already looked at the portfolio examples above. Seeing what others have done with their portfolios can be inspiring to get an idea of what you want yours to be like. Seek out others portfolios and examine them closely to get inspired for your own portfolio. 

  • Include Personal Work. One of the biggest mistakes that graphic designers make when they’re building their portfolio is to only include client work. It’s perfectly acceptable and actually recommended to include personal work as well. This can include school work or side projects that you think deserve a place in your portfolio.