Gender Bias Logos

Normally, designers have to remain neutral when designing logos. However, there are times when they’ll have to create a logo that is specifically catered to one gender through its characteristics. If you want to check out some of these logos to see what we’re talking about, check out this article!  They say that there should […]

How To Design An Amazing Movie Poster

 Have you ever had trouble with creating a movie poster? Need some pointers for designing one? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we give our top tips on creating an amazing movie poster that will have everyone impressed! Although the art of designing a movie poster isn’t easy, with these tips you’ll be creating […]

Tools To Guide You On Your Graphic Design Journey

When you first start with designing, the world of graphic design can be overwhelming with the countless design tools available. If you want to take advantage of some of the best design tools to help you on your graphic design journey, check out this article!  It’s common to see graphic designers who are new to […]

Need a New Logo? Hold a Logo Design Contest

If you’re in the market for a new logo then you’re in luck. A logo design contest can provide you with the perfect logo by letting you choose from hundreds of entries from talented creatives from around the world. However, before deciding on a logo design contest, many people have questions about the process. We’ll […]

Useful Add-Ons for Your Blogging Experience

Every blogger’s goal is to build a blog that draws readers in, engages them, and prompts them to read more. Although this in itself takes a unique and qualified writing style, getting writers to your site takes a bit more work on the technical side of things. While good writing may keep them reading more […]

Easy Ways to Become a Better Logo Designer!

As a designer, it can be difficult to find productivity to do the necessary work for clients. Since most designers have their jobs dependent on computer work, the self-discipline to do work each day also comes with obstacles that make a graphic designer’s job more difficult. Designers run into more issues with their work-life than […]