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How Milton Glaser Changed Graphic Design

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  • Milton Glaser’s Famous Works 
  • His Story and Career 
  • Summing Everything Up 

If you’ve been in the world of graphic design for more than a minute you’ll already have heard some of the most famous graphic designers’ names. These names have imprinted the graphic design world and their works are still a source of inspiration to thousands of graphic designers to this day. One of these names, a man whose work is awe-inspiring and who left his mark in the graphic design world, is Milton Glaser. 

Milton Glaser, iconic graphic designer and well known to designers both young and old, is one of the world’s most famous graphic designers. In this article, we’ll discuss Milton Glaser, his mark on the world, and some of his finest pieces. 

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Milton Glaser’s Famous Pieces 

As you can imagine, Glaser created several stunning pieces in his time, including the memorable and easily recognizable ‘I Love NY’ logo. This piece shows Glaser’s appreciation for design and how he could get the heart symbol and type to work together to create a beautiful piece. This is Glaser’s most well-known and popular piece, a design recognized by all of America. 

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In addition to the ‘I Love NY’ design, Glaser is incredibly well known for his iconic posters. One of his most well-known posters is his Mad Man poster for AMC. When the tv show first launched it was advertised by a series of posters designed by Glaser in 2014. This poster is symbolic of the show and is well known by Mad Man fans and those who haven’t seen the show alike. 

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His Bob Dylan poster is another iconic piece of design work that both young and old can easily recognize. He designed this poster in 1966 for Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits and the poster saw great results, despite being one of Glaser’s first posters to design. This is a well-known piece and was an inspiration for young graphic designers both then and now. 

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When Glaser founded New York Magazine in 1968, he also designed the logo for the company as well. In addition to designing the iconic logo he also designed a poster to promote the magazine. Both pieces showed Glaser’s memorable style and, although simple, were amazing designs. These pieces still symbolize Glaser to this day and mark his lifetime’s work. 

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Milton Glaser’s Story 

In 1929, Glaser was born in The Bronx, New York City to a Hungarian Jewish family. Glaser started his art career studying art in New York and, later, studying in Italy. He began with taking art classes from Raphael and Moses Soyer, which was the launch of his art career. 

In 1974 Glaser started his own design firm, Milton Glaser Inc, leaving behind Push Pin, a graphic design firm formed in 1954 that Glaser co-founded. Several years later in 1983, Glaser established a publication design firm called WBMG after forming a partnership with 

Walter Bernard, which was a huge hit. The firm designed many pieces of work in its time, based in New York City. 

He died at the age of 91 on June 26th, 2020. In his time on earth, Glaser managed to impact graphic design by bringing creativity, character, and wit to graphic design with his famous works in a way that hadn’t been seen before. His most famous work, the iconic ‘I Love NY’ logo, has been seen on key chains and merchandise around the world. 

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Glaser won many awards in his time and his work is still treasured to this day. Glaser is one of the few who has flourished in both digital design and traditional design, affecting today’s design world significantly. Glaser has inspired not only other graphic designers but people around the globe. 

A successful career

Overall, Milton Glaser was a great graphic designer who touched the graphic design world in ways that were thought impossible before. In his time, he brought new ideas, theories, and methods to graphic design that before then were unheard of. Glaser’s works were seen by millions and are still an inspiration for many young graphic designers in the world. Above you can see his works and learn about his story and career.