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My Honest Review of Hatchwise [Updated for 2024]

Table of Contents

Hatchwise Overview

What makes design contests so appealing? Is their simplicity? Affordability? High-quality work? As a well-known crowdsourcing logo, naming, and graphic design site, Hatchwise stands out from the competitors, offering all those attractions and more. In this article, we will break down our experience with Hatchwise and if we recommend using them.

A quick “about” Hatchwise

Founded in 2008, Hatchwise has grown over the years to the leading design and naming contest platform that it is today.

Hatchwise allows users to pay one set fee, see dozens of custom designs, and select their favorite as the winner, With no additional payment required.

There are options to fit every user's needs, to help take their business to the next level of success.

Users have access to a massive creative pool of talented freelancers, all prepared to share their vision and bring it to life.

Creating Something New

Featured prominently in many reviews, articles, and posts, Hatchwise has been ranked among the Top 15 Best Online Marketplaces for Graphic Design by Digital Information World and was spotlighted by Inc. Magazine.

Over the 15+ years, the site has amassed tens of thousands of designers that participate actively. Crowdsourcing, when it comes down to it, is all about the spirit of creativity mixed with the edge of competition.

Because you’ll get several designers competing against each other to be chosen for your project, they’ll work hard to dazzle you.

What You’ll Get with Hatchwise

Unlimited Custom Creative Concepts

With the Hatchwise talent pool, the crowdsourced creative concepts that you receive are endless. You can expect to start a contest, sit back, and watch the submissions roll in. Depending on your request complexity, you can receive up to 1000s of unique, custom-tailored options to choose from.

Dedicated Support

The Hatchwise Support team is standing by, ready to answer any questions that you have about the process. They even offer live demos that allow you to get the most out of your experience.

Intelligent Design Briefs

Not only do they make filling out the design brief super simple, but they also make it super fast as well. You can get your design project up and running in five minutes and get submissions within hours.

How do they make it so easy? They’ve created targeted questions that round out their brief to ensure you’ll get the best results and there is no confusion about what’s needed. Once submitted, their creatives will know just what you need and when, so they’ll be able to get started immediately.

An Easy Process

From starting your contest to reviewing the entries, leaving feedback, awarding a winner, and receiving the final files, Hatchwise makes the process as simple as 1,2,3. With an entire database of resources and helpful tips, as well as an efficient, user-friendly site, you can expect to get incredible results.

Print Ready Files

You’ll receive all the editable files once you’ve chosen a winner, and you’ll be the sole owner of your new creative content. For design contests, their creatives always deliver print-ready files, and grayscale and black-and-white images are typically available upon request.

Hatchwise wants you to be able to use your logo wherever you want, so their creatives will make sure you have everything you need to start showing off that snazzy new logo on anything you want!

Choose A Budget That Works For You

With multiple pricing options set to fit any budget needs, Hatchwise offers scaled pricing options with all their contest packages.

Interested in getting all your creative needs met in one stop? Hatchwise offers a truly unique and affordable subscription option. For one monthly payment users can run unlimited contests, receive multiple designs, free upgrades, and dedicated support.

A Global Creative Platform For All Your Businesses Marketing Needs

While Hatchwise proudly boasts of delivering award-winning logos, they also offer much more. They are a platform designed and committed to helping with all your creative needs. From naming your company to designing your logo to helping with branding and graphic design. Hatchwise is dedicated to bringing your business’s vision to life, making your brand viral, and your profits soar.

Hatchwise offers custom Design and Naming contests with pricing options designed to fit any budget. These contests include:

Business Card Design

You hand them out during business meetings, leave them on coffee shop counters, and you deliver them in person to your potential clients. Your business cards work hard for you, so ensuring they look great and leave a lasting impression is a must. With a Business Card & Stationery Design Contest, you can get tons of ideas to help you create the best cards for your business. You can incorporate your existing logo and include a matching stationery design with your custom business card design.

Shirt Design

Hatchwise can even help design your promotional products, such as t-shirts. The designers will create a fabulous t-shirt design and give you dozens of custom designs, from bold and minimal to funny to intricate and detailed. All you need to do for your original custom shirt design is tell the designers your specs in the brief, and they’ll create a beautiful design around them. And, of course, you’ll get multiple custom design options for every project.

Website Design

A beautifully designed website lands customers and converts. But sometimes, a coder just doesn’t cut it. You need a creative graphic designer who can develop something gorgeous that invites customers in and makes them want to stay. Web design contests at Hatchwise are the perfect way to design your uncoded static design to your precise specifications. The winning artist will deliver your design file in PSD (Photoshop) format when you run a web design contest. You can then take the file to your coder or get a free quote from a partner for the cost of turning it into a working website.

Brochure Design

Another important promotional asset is a brochure. It’s a fantastic way to tell the world about your business and boost exposure. An incredible brochure design can help you build brand awareness and generate business. With the Hatchwise community of thousands of creatives, you can get help creating original, custom brochure mockups. Once you've selected your winner, you can take your final files to the printer and start handing out your brochure!

Custom Graphic Design

With the varied community of graphic designers available on Hatchwise, you can get any type of custom graphic design made for you quickly, creatively, and for a great price. From custom icons to book covers to avatars to product packaging, the designers on Hatchwise can come up with something beautiful. When you start a design contest in the Custom Graphic Design category you provide all the spec and details for whatever you need created and our talented community will take it from there.


Hatchwise Pricing

You can run a contest on Hatchwise for as low as $99!

The Hatchwise creative contest packages all come with access to their full community of creatives, no limit on the number of entries that can be submitted, and completely original creative work.

The only difference between packages is the prize amount that is included in the

A higher prize amount offer generally means more participation and attracts higher quality creatives to your contest.

To give you a boost and provide even more customization options, Hatchwise also provides contest upgrades, which include:

  • Private Contest: $30
  • 48-Hour Rush Contest: $35
  • Highlighted Contest: $7
  • Featured Contest: $18
  • Designer Email Blast: $25
  • Blind Contest: $20

Each basic package purchased always includes:

  • Custom Designs
  • A $49 Listing Fee that’s included in your pricing
  • Full Ownership of the winning design
  • Industry-standard files included in the sending of your design
  • A Money-Back Guarantee that ensures you’re happy with their service

An All-In-One Subscription Option

For users who are looking to streamline their creative needs, Hatchwise Infinite is an excellent solution. With this unlimited subscription option, users pay one set fee a month and have access to everything listed above.

That’s right.

You can start and run any category of Design or Naming Contest, one after the other, for one set monthly payment. Plus, you get a dedicated project manager, unlimited revisions, free contest extensions, free upgrades, dedicated project support, and more.

The Infinite Subscription is available for any Hatchwise contest category, and the prize is always included.

All this comes with a no-contract, hassle-free cancel-any-time option.

The Money-Back Guarantee

Hatchwise stands behind its community's creative work, and its guarantee is simple. You’ll receive a refund if you do not receive at least the number of entries in your contest that come with the package you purchased. Submit your request within 14 days of your contest submission period ending.

Allow your contest to run the full ten days, or 48 hours for rush projects, prior to requesting a refund.

Reviews from Real Customers

The best way to know what customers think of any business is to ask them. So, take a look at the latest reviews about Hatchwise, and you’ll see for yourself why people keep coming back
time and again.

Hatchwise Impeccable Quality

With Hatchwise one thing is sure, you can be confident that no matter what contest type, or
pricing plan you choose, you will receive the very best level of service and design or naming quality.

With their vast, worldwide creative community, Hatchwise has selected from the very best talent to ensure that every campaign you launch gets you incredible results.

You can be confident that each project delivers the same high quality, custom-tailored to your needs, every time. Whether it’s your first time or the 100th.

Let’s get started with Hatchwise

Are you wondering exactly how it works when you decide to start a contest on Hatchwise? Well, wonder no longer. We started and ran a contest on Hatchwise so that you don’t have to, and can see for yourself how the process works.

As you prepare to get started with Hatchwise, check out their past and current contests to see the fantastic results that others are getting with their submissions.

You can even browse the community of designers to see their work and the styles you’ll most likely receive during your design contest. The community of designers keeps each other striving to be the best and work together to uphold the excellent community standards Hatchwise has set forth, including completely original work, no clipart, and trustworthy practices.

Once you are ready to get started, select the contest type you wish to hold, fill in the contest brief, and then choose the payment plan that works best for you. Remember, if you are planning on running multiple contests, it sounds as though Hatchwise’s Unlimited Graphic Design and Naming Contest Subscription is up your alley!

Once your contest is active, get ready to see your entries roll in. You can leave feedback on the entries and communicate with creatives. After you award your contest winner you will receive the winning creative’s email address, in case you wish to work with them in the future.

Here’s the step-by-step process

1. Select your contest type

From graphic design to naming contest, choose the contest category that best fits your project needs.

2. Fill in the contest brief

Each detailed content brief allows you to list what you are looking for, including the name of your contest, or company and what you want to see in the submissions.

3. Select your pricing

Choose from among the offered packages or create your own custom contest prize amount. Package pricing includes the prize amount that you are willing to offer to the creative that you award as your contest winner.

4. Decide if it would be a more affordable option to sign up for Hatchwise Infinite

Now you have the option to sign up for Hatchwise Infinite, which, depending on your business needs, might be a better option than running a singular contest.

5. Make your payment

The next step (regardless of which option you choose) is to make your payment and activate your contest.

6. Watch the entries roll in

After you activate your account you will start to see submissions entered. During this time you are encouraged to leave feedback for the creatives by commenting and rating on the entries. You can ask for revisions while your contest is active.

7. Award your contest winner

Once your contest submission period ends you can award your contest winner if you have found a winning entry. If not, you always have the option to extend your contest for as long as needed until you find the perfect one for you.

8. Use your new winning entry

Once you have awarded your contest winner your final files will be available to you and you can use them however you would like!

Still undecided on whether or not Hatchwise is right for you?

Check them out for yourself. Browsing their site will allow you to see the caliber of the work, the dedication of their creative community, and the high-quality standard they hold themselves to.

If you are looking for all your business and marketing needs to be met on an easy-to-use, optimum-priced platform with the largest pool of truly unique creative talent, then Hatchwise is the place for you.

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