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My Honest Review of UnicornGo [Updated for 2024]

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UnicornGo Overview

UnicornGo is an unlimited creative content service based in Australia that offers three plans. You can choose the right options for your needs and enjoy unlimited graphic design, copywriting, and video editing.

What Is UnicornGo?

UnicornGo is an unlimited graphics, content, and video editing service. They provide their creative services with no contracts and, as the name suggests, offer unlimited requests and revisions. When you work with UnicornGo, they’ll provide all the file formats you may need based on the type of project, and you’ll own all rights to the work created. They also provide a dedicated account manager and design & editing team.

How Does UnicornGo Work?

How it works

For a fixed monthly rate, you’ll create project requests that the UnicornGo in-house team of graphic designers, writers, and video editors work on.

First, you’ll send a description of the project you need via email, and based on the complexity of the project, you’ll receive a “time quote” that gives you an estimate of how long it will take to complete. From there, the “unicorns” work on your project and will provide your design, content, or editing request within the projected time quote from step 1. The typical design turnaround time is 24 hours.

If you need changes made to the design, content, or video, you can request as many revisions as you like. Each revision takes about one business day to complete.

You’ll have access to the design request system immediately after you sign up. From there, you can send your first design request email and get the job started right away. There don’t provide an onboarding process or a briefing template as part of the design request. They can provide a guide upon request if you want a template.

What UnicornGo Is All About

UnicornGo focuses on providing a quick, streamlined way to request projects. They can do most all graphic, content, and video editing projects, but they don’t provide motion graphics or
animation, 3D designs, or web development.

They focus on quicker turnaround times and quality designs so that businesses can focus on other tasks and leave the creative work to them.

UnicornGo can produce:
● Display advertising banners
● Social media banners
● Memes
● Product background removal
● Brochures
● Logos
● One-page website
● Infographics
● Print advertising
● Powerpoint templates
● Blog post images
● Write blog posts
● Content for magazine or marketing
● Facebook ad copy
● Social media posts
● Youtube videos
● Instagram/Tiktok videos
● Talking head videos
● Training/instruction videos
● Wedding videos
● Travel vlogs

It is for All

How Much is UnicornGo?

UnicornGo offers three different plans that all include unlimited content creation and revisions. There is the Sparkle plan, Unicorn Plan, and Big Unicorn plan. The major differences between them are the number of active projects and brands.

Users receive one active request and a single brand on the Sparkle plan. On the Unicorn plan, you’ll get two requests at a time and two brands. Lastly, on the Big Unicorn plan, you’ll get three requests at a time and unlimited brands.

The Sparkle plan is $399 per month, the Unicorn plan is $699 each month, and the Big Unicorn plan is $999 monthly. All plans are no-contract and offer the same 14-day money-back guarantee.

UnicornGo does provide custom one-off job quotes as well as quotes for larger services and more detailed projects if needed. However, you can’t see what the estimated cost or time frame for these projects will be until you formally request the quote from them.

How Long Does a Project on UnicornGo Take?

The daily output mentioned in the plan descriptions is the same for each. However, it’s important to mention that simple design projects take the displayed 24 hours, more complex requests take longer, and content and video projects take a minimum of two to three business days.

If you have a rush job, they suggest that you email your account manager to see if something can be arranged. Additionally, revisions take one business day but can take longer if they are
more complex.

Tips for Using UnicornGo

UnicornGo doesn’t provide extensive guidance on what to include in your project brief or the types of information that might be useful for each type of job. Because of that, it can be a good idea to sit down and think about the important aspects of your project before you start. You could also look for brief templates online based on the project you’re running, such as a copy request template or a design request template.

Additionally, since the more complex the design or lengthy the project, the more time they’ll need to complete it, you’ll want to prioritize your projects and set aside enough time for the team to complete them. Particularly if they are copy or video projects, be sure to be as clear as possible with your brief to avoid adding even more time to the project with revisions.

Lastly, keep in mind that since UnicornGo processes requests one at a time as they come into the queue and you can only have so many active projects at a time, the experience will be sub-par if you share your account excessively or if sub-users abuse it.

UnicornGo Review

My “Expert” Opinion

When it comes down to it, UnicornGo can provide quality work for a price that’s about average compared to similar services. However, their hands-off nature means that you’ll probably need those unlimited revisions because it’s likely you won’t put all the required information into the brief since you won’t know what those requirements are. If UnicornGo provided a more detailed onboarding process and design brief form, it could help new users to learn the system, design requirements, and best operating procedures quicker.

Pros of UnicornGo Services

According to everything we’ve seen about UnicornGo, these are the best features:
● They offer unlimited project requests, no monthly cap, for graphic design, content, and video editing.
● They have unlimited revisions with no expiration date.
● UnicornGo provides a 14-day money-back guarantee.
● You’ll receive every type of file you might need and own your designs and content.
● UnicornGo doesn’t hold you to a contract.
● You’ll have a dedicated account manager and team.
● Their design work appears good, and the portfolio supports the quality of the creatives.

Cons of UnicornGo Services

Here are the downsides to the UnicornGo services:
● Web development, motion graphics, and other creative work such as voiceovers are not included.
● While their turnaround times for a simple design are on-par with other sites, the same can’t be said for their other services. The timeframe for more complex designs and copywriting is a minimum of two to three days.
● There isn’t much information on the site about their copy and video services, and they aren’t included in the portfolio.
● They don’t provide a brief template or submittal program, and all communication appears to be done through email.
● There isn’t an onboarding or training session provided.

Alternatives to UnicornGo

If you’re looking for additional choices, here are some other alternatives to UnicornGo:

Penji – a similar service for solely graphic design that offers fewer active projects and restricts most things to the higher-tiered plans
Kimp – offers similar graphic design services with a few options available at a higher price point
Design Pickle – an unlimited graphic design service at a higher price point that doesn’t do copy
Digifloat – helps business owners with graphic designs, web development, and content writing at a flat monthly rate. However, each service is not bundled together, and the higher requests require a custom pricing quote.
Flocksy – this service also provides design, copywriting, video, VOs, web development, and more. While plans can be a bit more expensive, you have many great services under one roof.

Fequently Asked Questions

If you still have a few questions, here are the answers to the most commonly asked.

UnicornGo provides similar services as Flocksy, without web development, voice-overs, and motion graphics. The design brief on Flocksy is much more detailed, and they also provide onboarding and training for users.

Kimp only provides unlimited graphic design and video services. UnicornGo, for similar rates, also provides copywriting services.

Unlimited graphic design with UnicornGo means that you don’t have a monthly or lifetime cap on the number of design projects you can request. They’ll work through them all on a first-come,
first-served basis.

They do not provide a free trial, but you can contact them for a one-off job to see if you want to use their monthly service.

UnicornGo doesn’t have a contract. You can cancel at any time.

The clients own all UnicornGo designs, copy, and video rights.

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