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The History Of The Indeed Logo

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When you first look at the logo for the employment company Indeed it looks pretty straightforward. The logo is a simple wordmark blue with a dash above the ‘i’ on the left side. This may sound simple and appear straightforward when you see it, but in reality, there’s more to the logo than what meets the eye. The logo has more than what you initially see and it has a history behind it that has gotten it to the simple, clean, and minimalistic point that it’s at today. 

Indeed is a platform that works like a search engine, allowing you to find information that’s related to employment. The job search portal is well known and has become the  #1 job site in the world. The job platform has over 250 million visitors exploring the search platform every month. 

The platform provides free access for those that are searching for jobs and want to do their research on companies that they’re interested in. The platform has over 10,000 global employees that are actively working to improve the recruitment journey. However, their simple and clear logo is what has driven purpose to the brand and made it as familiar as it is today. 

TThe History Of The Indeed Logo

Indeed is proof that there’s no need to change a logo that is getting the job done. Why change a logo that’s working? 2005 was when the beta version of the website for the company went live. Since then the brand hasn’t thought it necessary to change the logo even in the slightest, thinking that it both does its job and does it well. The logo itself is a wordmark and a small pictorial element is included in the logo as well. 

Since the beginning of the logo, the company has kept it the same, idolizing the single logo for their brand. It’s no wonder that this logo does its job so well and the company opted to keep it without feeling the need for any changes. The visual identity is neat, stylish, and unique, something which is hard to find in logos these days. 

The logo is simply comprised of lowercase letters without serifs. The strokes are varied in their thinness and they have rounded ends included. This typeface feels personal, the letters appearing almost handwritten. There’s something very special about this logo, not only that it’s been with the company for so long without even the slightest changes, but how it’s made an impact as well. 

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What Makes It Different

With millions of logos around the globe, it’s only natural to be curious why this logo is special. What makes this logo different from all the others and what they have to offer? What has made this logo special enough to earn its way throughout the years without even the most subtle change? Great logos such as this one don’t merely exist, they’re made. They’re created into something that grows with the brand and establishes itself as strong and memorable, meeting the brand’s personality and making it as important as it is today. 

The Indeed logo has a few different elements that make it stand out and has made it as famous as it is today. 

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It’s Clean and Simple 

Logos these days are so full of stuff. People feel the need to show design talents in the logo, making sure that there’s a bold and in-depth symbol associated with their brand. In reality, you don’t need that much to make an impact with a logo. Indeed is proof that a logo can be simple, not needing more than the name itself. The Indeed logo is clean and simple and the company did not think it was necessary to include anything else. The quality is clear; a simple wordmark in blue. You don’t have to think too hard when you use it and you don’t have to search for a deeper meaning; it’s straightforward and to the point. 

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It’s Memorable and Recognizable 

There’s no denying that the Indeed logo makes an excellent first impression. When you see it the logo is simple enough that it grabs your attention while having enough personality to hold your attention. It’s a modest logo that leaves its mark without coming across too strong. The main reason why the logo is memorable and so easy for people to recognize is that its high quality. People aren’t quick to forget a logo that’s well done and has a clear-cut design element. Viewers can quickly process it and it’ll leave a lasting impression in their minds. 

It’s Easy To Read 

This may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked at how many brands create a wordmark that simply is not readable. People aren’t capable of remembering a brand or knowing what they do if they can’t even read their name to start with. If brands opt to use text in their brand identity, it’s critical that people can read the text. Indeed knew the importance of having a clear font that was easy to read, which is why they decided to choose a font that was easy to read and displayed the name in clear letters. Despite the name being fully lowercase it’s easy to read while storing the name in your memory. 

It’s Adaptable 

There’s no denying that the one critical aspect of any brand succeeding is the need for advertisement. In today’s world, for a brand to succeed it must advertise its brand in all forms. It’s the surest and most trustworthy way to bring in new leads and to make sure that word gets out that your brand exists. However, for brands to be able to advertise their business to the full extent, their logo must be adaptable to all different mediums. A brand should never be limited by what their logo can be used on, they should have the freedom to advertise their brand everywhere that it will draw consumers in. That’s why Indeed knew that their logo had to be adaptable and render both offline and online while still appearing in high quality. 

Does Indeed Make A Profit? 

Since Indeed is a free platform, many people assume that the platform doesn’t make a profit or makes a very small profit. Money is the driving force behind any business and Indeed certainly isn’t an exception to this. The job search engine does make a profit even though their platform is free. How? Indeed makes their profit from pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, hiring events, and subscription fees. 

Although the platform continues to remain free for both those that are posting and searching for jobs on the site, they still make money off those that are browsing the platforms. The business offers premium features to employing companies that they’re free to use if they’d like. Premium features give employers a better chance of their job postings being seen and will boost it to interested and qualified candidates. However, employers are free to use the platform without choosing premium features if they wish. 

Has Indeed Always Been Free? 

An interesting fact about Indeed is that its services have always remained free. Since the start of the company and when it first launched in 2004 the job platform has continued to remain free for job seekers to browse. Indeed’s services are still free to this day, without the company ever charging a fee for their service. This is certainly one of the areas of their business that has made them widely successful. These days it’s difficult to find completely free, high-quality services without having to pay a fee. 

How Does Indeed Work? 

Indeed tries to make posting and searching for jobs on their platform as simple and as straightforward as possible. If you’re new to the platform as an employer, the process is as quick as five minutes to post your job. Create an account on the platform for free and then enter a job description. Here is where employees will have the option to sponsor their listings, allowing their posts to be promoted to more job searchers and to appear for longer. 

Next, employers will start to have applications sent to their email from employees that are interested in the position. Here employers can weed their way through the applications and schedule interviews until they’ve found the perfect candidate for the position. This is all completely free unless you opt to upgrade to Indeed’s premium features. 

For those that are looking for their dream job on the platform, the process is just as simple. You’ll create a free account and upload your resume to the account. Here’s where you can customize your account and make sure it’s engaging for employers. You’ll also have the option to set your job preferences and make sure that you’re only seeing relevant jobs to what you’re looking for. 

You can use the platform’s search engine to search for salaries by both location and job title. If you find a company that you’re interested in working for, you can see what to expect from the company and make sure they’re verified by looking at “Company Reviews”. Here you’ll have the opportunity to read reviews from previous employees as well as get an idea of salary and workplace culture. If you want easier access to the platform you can also download the Indeed app. 

Start looking for jobs and applying! You can continue to search on the platform and use it for your employment needs until you find your dream job! 

The Start Of Indeed 

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The idea for Indeed came from two partners; Rony Kahan and Paul Foster. In 2004 in Stanford Connecticut, the two partners set up an office for Indeed. A second office was set up in Texas for product development staff while the remainder of the staff worked from the Connecticut office. A year later and the beta version for the company was launched and was quick to start providing access for people to job listings worldwide. 

After the recognization that the beta version received and the success that it was met with, Indeed received investments from The New York Times and other successful businesses. This was for $5 million startups, which was exactly what Indeed needed to continue going further with what was already turning into a successful business. Throughout the next few years Indeed went through expansions and was acquired by Recruit Co. Ltd in 2012 and is now an independent operating unit of Recruit Co. Ltd of Japan. 

To this day we’re all familiar with the famous and widely used platform Indeed. They’ve now expanded to 60 countries around the globe and the platform is available in 28 languages. Indeed has a goal of helping people get jobs and plan to continue providing them access to a free platform to do that. They’ve become the country’s highest-traffic job website and are used by millions to search for jobs and to find the best employment opportunity. 

Wrapping Up The History Of The Indeed Logo 

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Indeed is the #1 job site in the world and has a whopping 250 million monthly visitors, 175 million resumes, 320 million total ratings, and reviews, and 10 jobs added per second globally. If these shocking and impressive facts aren’t enough to convince you that this platform has well earned the worldwide recognition that they’ve received then we don’t know what will! Indeed is free for both job searchers and employees, allowing them access to the platform to find their dream job and post listings. 

The Indeed logo also earns credit for being one of the attributes to making Indeed as well known as it is today. The logo is a signature part of the company, having been with it since the company first launched. It’s one of the few logos in the world that has remained the same, without even the smallest of changes, for its entire existence. The logo remains iconic, standing untouched for over a decade and becoming a signature part of the business.

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