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2012 Olympics Logo- yea or nay?r

So…I have been following with interest all the debate on the 2012 Olympic logo, and am still not sure what my end decision is.

There is one thing for sure-it will be well remembered-maybe not in a positive light, but still, no one is going to forget it.

From what I have read, I have noticed a few things that this new logo has brought to light.

1. We, as people do not take well to change.

2. Designers are {for the most part}, very opinionated (and, please, nobody take that wrong-I am a very firm believer in strong opinions!).

3.  This new logo is very unique, and like no other past Olympics logo (see here, for a complete list of Olympic logos from 1924 to 2012).

4. Almost everyone hates the new logo.

5. (Lastly) This is the first time that these colors have been used anywhere in the Olympics logo (and I might add, such generous amounts of it).

So, what do you think of it? I would love to hear!

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