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8 Of The Best Resources For Graphic Designers

Being a graphic designer and finding the resources to create logos isn’t always the easiest, but fortunately, in our day and age, the internet is filled with resources to help you with your job. Ranging from resources that can inspire you to tools that can help you create logos, the internet has a library of resources. In this article, we’ve chosen only the best resources used by professional graphic designers around the world. 

  • Why you need to have a list of go-to resources if you are a graphic designer
  • What are the best sites and programs to use for graphic design
  • Summing up what we’ve learned and how to best use these resources

These resources are meant to inspire you to create graphic design projects and help you to complete projects. With these resources on the web, all graphic designers, whether beginner or advanced, can create beautiful graphic design. 

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Want to seek inspiration from a beautiful blog that showcases stunning logos? This blog has been around for over a decade and can give graphic designers inspiration to create logos. Every post showcases a different logo with a few photos. Graphic designers could spend hours scrolling through the beautiful logos displayed on this blog to seek inspiration for their next job. 


If you’re looking for free stock images for your next project then Unsplash is the best place to go for them. Unsplash offers thousands of high-quality stock images for free that graphic designers from all around the world use. The site has thousands of photographers contributing to create a stunning site filled with free resources. 

Logo Of The Day

Logo Of The Day is a site that launched back in 2008 and since then has become incredibly popular. For graphic designers seeking inspiration and motivation on their next project, this site is the perfect resource. The site posts a stunning logo a day and is open to the public to look at. A few hours spent looking at the stunning logos on this site and you’ll find the inspiration that you need to continue. 

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The Noun Project

If you’re looking for a collection of icons for your next project then this is the place for it. This site shares rich icons from around the world for graphic designers that they can use for their projects. Although these icons aren’t free, they’re worth what you’ll pay for and can give you a supply of icons that you’ll be able to use. 

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Adobe Color 

Adobe Color is a popular resource for those that want to explore the current color trends and be able to spend some time experimenting with them. You can create stunning palettes from your favorite images and saving them to Adobe. Every graphic designer should take advantage of this resource to experiment with color palettes for their jobs. 

Adobe Online Photo Editing

In our day and age photo editing always goes hand in hand with graphic design. If you’re a graphic designer you’ll need a good online photo editing resource. Fortunately, there are many out there, with Adobe Online Photo Editing being the top choice. You can use it whether in your browser or on your phone to edit from wherever you are and take advantage of the amazing photo editing tools that Adobe offers. 


No matter what you’re looking for, Skillshare is sure to have it. If you’re looking to learn something in particular or just want to sharpen your graphic design skills then this resource is a great one. Skillshare has hundreds of classes taught by amazing, experienced instructors that teach in a way that is comprehensive and understandable. If there’s a specific area of graphic design that you’ve always wanted to learn, maybe how to illustrate a book cover or typography, then Skillshare is the top resource.


If you’re looking to not only get inspired by seeing beautiful logos but also see insight into the process of creating logos then this is the site for you. This design blog is a favorite among both graphic designers and others, featuring a fascinating news section and the ‘Featured Logo’ piece. That space allows graphic designers to share their process with others and explain how they created their pieces. 

In Conclusion 

Overall, the better resources that you have available for your use then the better graphic design you’ll be able to produce. The resources given above are used widely by graphic designers all around the world and can help both beginner and advanced graphic designers on their journey. Taking advantage of the resources above, whether free or paid, can help you produce the best pieces possible. We hope that this article helps you on your journey and to create amazing graphic pieces.