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8 Of The Coolest Fonts

Fonts are a huge part of any design project and one of the most important decisions you’ll make when choosing how you’ll design something. If you see the graphic design with a bad font, regardless of how good the design itself may be, your whole perception of the design can be ruined. However, the same goes for vice versa. When you see a design with a really badass font, sometimes, even regardless of the design itself, you can find it really cool. 

The good news is, new fonts are coming out all the time and they’re all trendy and awesome. There’s no need to stick with a basic font when you could choose a font for your design that instantly grabs attention and gives your design character. Details like fonts are critical when you’re designing, so having cool fonts to choose from is important. 

Let’s take a look at what we think is, frankly, some of the coolest fonts of all time. 


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At a glance, you probably instantly think of space when you see this font on designs. If so, you’re not alone. Apparently, this font gives lots of people the impression of space, with its clean, sharp letters and curved corners. This font could easily find a happy home located on the front of a video game (think Halo) or an action movie. If you’re looking for a classic, trendy and sharp font, this one’s the choice. 

Summer Loving 

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Who doesn’t love a good signature handwritten font? These fonts have always been popular, but within the past few years, we’ve seen graphic designers start using them more and more. Although this font will certainly look well in the summer months (as the name implies), it really can be used for any occasion! Paired with a good, bright, classy palette you’ll have a fun design. 


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This tall, eye-catching font is the perfect choice for movie posters and banners. This font would be great used anywhere, but it would be especially cool used to on an action movie with a dark palette. Think classy magazine cover font. It’s bold, big, and classy; three things that we think this year definitely needs. 


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This font is unique and, at first, glance gives off outdoor vibes. This font has a distinct, classy look while also appearing rustic and signature. We think that this font would look especially good if used on outdoor branding for tent companies or coolers. This font has a classic, rustic look. This may be a difficult font for some graphic designers to work with, but a good graphic designer will be able to create something amazing with it. 


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This font never goes out of style. This is a sleek, classic font that will make any design appear more stylish and classic. Think of the front of classic magazines like Vogue or classic branding. This gives branding a traditional look that consumers love and looks professional and sleek. The letters are well defined and will give any brand an instant lift. 


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This font is one of the bolder ones listed here, with a handwritten font in a bold style. Although this font may not look the best when shown in a smaller size, if used for larger style branding it can look pretty cool. Think shown on the side of trucks or store windows. Although it may not come across clearly in smaller sizes, from far away, and in big sizing, this font looks fun and cool. 

Nature Spirit 

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This font is exactly what the name implies; a little bit of nature in a font. When you look at this font, you’ll get vibes from the woods and the outdoors. Although the original font looks amazing on everything, you still have the option to customize it so that you can get the exact look that you want. You can choose between a rough and smooth version and customize other features. 


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Most sans serif fonts are lighter weight, but we thought that we’d share a bolder one in this article. If you want to be different from the other websites that use lightweight sans serif fonts, then Modak is a perfect choice. This font has a bit of a fun look, with big, bubbly letters and rounded corners.