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All In The Details.

When working with graphics there are many things to keep in mind.

However, one of the very most important is never forgetting the details.

You need to look at not just the design-many people think of good designs-but at what is around the edges. The little details that others may not initially notice, but make that makes the design in the end.

Take for example the bottle of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. It is not the animals, color,  or even the water that makes this come alive. It is the bubbles-after all, it is shampoo.

Without them, it would be boring. But the designer remembered that bubbles make everything more fun-right? And it also makes it look like you could be having so much more fun with shampoo than just washing your hair.

If you design a burger and fries, it might be nice to have some ketchup with them.

It is good to see the big picture, but be sure that you don’t get so caught up in it that you forget to pay attention to the things that really make the design.

Sometimes it is not that easy to find the details, they may be so small and simple that they escape your notice-like bubbles in a bathtub.

So, remember to never forget that is every great design, it is not always just the design-it is all in the details.

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