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Best Graphic Design Skillshare Classes

  • Skillshare is a widely known and used platform that has thousands of classes for creatives that range from beginner to advanced 
  • For graphic designers, Skillshare is a valuable resource that can help them either start their journey of graphic design or advance their skills further 
  • There’s a variety of classes, including those on basic design principles, learning how to draw, and learning the essentials of Adobe Illustrator 

Skillshare is a platform filled with hundreds of useful classes for creatives that they can use to either learn a new skill or sharpen the ones that they already have. The platform has a variety of classes that talented graphic designers have uploaded to share their skills with those looking to learn about graphic design and enter the industry. For those that have never drawn anything other than a stick figure, thousands of classes can get you from your first scattered logo design to be a professional designer in no time. 

For those who are already experienced in the graphic design industry, there are many classes that can help them sharpen their skills and improve at graphic design. There is always new technology coming out and advancements being made with graphic design, so classes with updated information on new advancements are always helpful to graphic design veterans. 

If you aren’t already using Skillshare and taking advantage of what they have to offer you should be! However, when you’re scanning through the thousands of classes that the platform has to offer it can be a little overwhelming. If you want to try Skillshare but are unsure of how to get started this is the article for you! We’ll cover all of the best graphic design Skillshare classes that will get you off to a great start! 

Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design

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This 36-minute crash course is a highly engaging course that covers all the basics of graphic design. It covers all areas of understanding the principles of visual design and is an impressive introductory course for those who are either new to graphic design or those who want a better understanding of the core principles and how it works with visual design. If you’re new to graphic design this is where you’ll learn the basic understanding of graphic design and the principles that you’ll use as a graphic designer. 

Not only does this course cover the basic principles, but it’ll also give you an in-depth look at how graphic designers think and how their brain works with understanding graphic design projects. For graphic designers just starting, this kind of information is invaluable to know how to start. It’s also a good foundation for understanding graphic design before you actually get to designing. Most people start with literally designing, missing the most important step of truly understanding graphic design and knowing the principles. 

Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type, and Color

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Aaron Draplin, known for his work with brands like Nike and Ride Snowboards, presents this course that focuses on sharing his creative process with students. This course is critical for those who want a look deeper into the creative process and to really understand how a professional graphic designer works. Draplin starts by describing how he goes through the process in his head and the very early stages of designing before getting into some of the more practical work. 

After this, Draplin will get into some more practical methods that you can immediately apply to your projects. This area focuses more on color theory, typography, and shape architecture. Here you’ll learn some valuable information in this area that will help you with creating future designs. On top of all of this, there are also several interesting Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials included in the course. This will give you a chance to try out including everything that Daplin teaches into your project! 

Learn to Draw: Daily Practices to Improve Your Drawing Skills

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This one-and-a-half-hour fine art class can be very beneficial for advancing your drawing skills. Even those who have little experience with drawing will find this course can help them learn the basics and master drawing in 90 minutes. Taught by professional portrait artist Gabrielle Brickey, the course can be used by beginners to professional artists that are either looking to improve their skills or want to learn from scratch. 

What this course does is easily breaks down what you need to know to be able to understand visuals by breaking down lines, forms and shapes. This course is encouraging and shows that anyone, even those who may not think that they have any artistic abilities, can become an artist. To become an artist you just have to be willing to put the hours in and know the right techniques. If you’ve ever had any interest in drawing and want to build on your designing skills, this course is perfect. 

Adobe Illustrator CC – Essentials Training

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Just about every professional graphic designer uses Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for their designing needs. Adobe has a platform that was designed for graphic designers to allow them to get the most out of their creative process with high-quality software. However, first starting with the software may be confusing to those new to it. There’s a lot to unpack with getting started, which is where this course comes into use. 

Daniel Scott, an Adobe certified teacher, gives students all the basics of Adobe Illustrator. This course is specifically aimed at those who are using Adobe Illustrator for the first time and is a total of six hours. Scott begins with covering the essential basics, and towards the end, once you’re confident that you’re familiar with the software, he shares a few valuable techniques. This course paired with another on design principles is a great starting point for any beginner designer.