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Not sure what you think about change?

“You can be Cautious or you can be Creative (but there’s no such thing as a Cautious Creative).”
– George Lois

That is good advice there.

When it comes to design, you must be bold. You need to step out and just do it.

Many designers are afraid to do something different, and think that it is safer to stay with the “same old same old”.

And there is the problem.

Because the same is not always safe. Just because it is the same, does not necessarily follow that it is safe. Many designers think that they can keep doing what they have done before, and, seeing that it has worked, it is going to keep working.

Wrong thought process. It is good to aim for variety, the time change, and as in everything, design changes also.

You need to research, and then be bold. Step out of the box. Try new things. New designs. Throw it out there, and dare to be different.

Even when designing a new logo, to replace one that is already existing, you should never be afraid to do something new, and unique, and then wait and see what happens with it.

Although not everyone likes change, most do,  and the same rule of life can apply to logos, nobody likes boring, they like to see a difference.

So, go ahead, and make that difference.

Just be sure to cover your bases, and make sure you learn a bit about what you are about to make the change in (or of, on, etc.). You do not want to make you change a negative one, so, be sure that what you are about to change will be for the positive.

So, though change may mean a bit more work, it is also a good thing.

1. Good for you-you do not want to be known as a designer who is known for only one type of design.

2. Good for the customer.  They know that you are ready to experiment, not shy of trying new things and feel free to make a change that is needed.

It is important, very important, to be creative, do not ever stay in the Cautious Zone-it may be safe there, but it means that you are leaving not stepping out into the all-important-space, the world of The Creative.

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