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Official French “Anti Piracy Squad” Caught Pirating

Everyone makes mistakes. I get that. But every once in a while a group or organization makes such a stupid mistake that it sets them apart from all other people who make mistakes. The most current “oopsy” in the design field, and one that definitely needs to be talked about,  is by Hapodi, the official french organization that is responsible for the countries harsh new anti-piracy program (if someone you live with is accused of three acts of infringement, your whole household is taken offline and added to a list of address to which it is illegal to provide Internet access).

Hapodi’s snafu occurred when it debuted its new logo, not only is the logo truly ugly, it also uses a copyrighted font created by an employee of France Telecom in 2000, designer Jean-François Porchez.

Now, this font isn’t part of the regular “pay a fee to use it” font libraries, it is a completely unique, custom creation that is only supposed to be used by France Telecom, as Writer Julien L from French news site Numerama explains:

“The problem is, this font was an ‘exclusive corporate typeface’. It couldn’t be used for other purposes than France Telecom/Orange products,”

That’s a big mistake!

Hadopi has issued an official apology.

Now the real question is if they get caught two more times, will the agency lose its internet access?

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