Did Joe Biden steal his new logo from a Redditor?

A Reddit user took to the popular forum recently, specifically in the subreddits /r/logodesign and /r/legaladvice, to determine whether other users agreed with him that a logo he had designed had been used as Joe Biden’s campaign logo.

“On Demand Graphic Design”? For real?

Ever notice that the traditional way of doing something can almost become non-existent overnight? How in just a blink of the eye the old way that used to be so popular can just vanish, of course on other hand some things do slowly fade out over time and gradually become just a distant memory. But […]

Milton Glaser vs. Design Contests

The Ocean State has a new logo. Unveiled on March 28th, the logo is part of a $5M branding campaign and was designed by respected designer Milton Glaser, creator of the iconic “ILoveNY” logo. It’s not very popular. The first reaction to the new logo, initially shared on the campaign’s new Facebook page “Visit Rhode […]

Get Thee Behind Me: The Client From Hell

We’ve all had them. Those clients who are so crazy unreasonable that you are tempted to give up freelancing completely and go drop an application off at Burger King.

Content theft and how to deal with it

…The next day I received a panicky call from a guy that sounded like he was still in his teens, he was extremely apologetic, terrified that I was going to sue him, and adamant that the pirated images were his website designers fault…