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On politics.

With all the debating and upcoming elections, there are a lot of thoughts stirring, questions being asked, arguments, etc.

I don’t follow politics.

There. I just said it.

Maybe I should. I am not sure. It is something that I have never been concerned or interested in.

But there are a few things that I do know.

People have opinions, and they love to say them. They love to take sides, they love to debate.

And I am not against that.

Everyone has a right to what they believe, that is  the joy of  living in America, yes?

But back to that list of  things.

As much as we talk, discuss, debate, have our view of what is right for our country, who will lead it best, who has the best plan, etc… we each have a right to that opinion.

And, as we each have a right to it, we should respect others opinions.

We have to understand that though we may disagree, we each have ultimately, our country’s best interest at heart.

And, just because we do not agree, does not mean someone is wrong, just that they have a different opinion.

I think the saddest thing I see in politics, is the lack of respect.

If we want others to respect our opinion, we need to respect theirs. And not say they are wrong, just because they disagree with ours.

On a completely different (well, not altogether that different) note,  I was just comparing Romney’s campaign logo, and Obama’s 2008 one, after all, this is a blog mainly about logo design!

What do you think about them?  Any thoughts about which one is better? 

In my opinion,there seems to be a bit to much similarity.

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