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Places To Spark Your Inspiration and Get You Out Of Creative Block

Getting inspiration as a graphic designer isn’t always as easy as it may seem to those that aren’t in the field. Creative block is a real thing for graphic designers and whether you’ve been a graphic designer for a few days or years, it can always be a difficult thing to work through. Many graphic designers seek inspiration to work through it when this happens. 

For your convenience and the thousands of others who find themselves stuck with creative block, here’s a list of places to spark your inspiration and creativity. We hope that these can give you the boost you need to push through and get out of your creative block. 

Instagram Accounts 

For many, social media is a great source of inspiration. There’s a variety of Instagram accounts that share content on graphic design in general, but specifically logo design. Graphic designers can find inspiration by taking a look at what other graphic designers have created. 

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@logoimport is an amazing Instagram account to seek inspiration from. This account shares logos and sketches daily and is a favorite amongst the Instagram community. If you’re a beginner graphic designer then this is a great resource to learn more about graphic design. There are daily discussions in the comment section of posts talking about typography, design, and anything graphic design-related. 

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@logoplace is a great choice for those looking to see a variety of logos from graphic designers around the internet and see what they’ve created. This account shares logos created by graphic designers with some of the most popular software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. To get inspiration from graphic designers using the same software and creativity as you, check out this social media account. 

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Then, of course, there’s the option to get inspiration from beautiful photography. The internet is filled with hundreds of photos that can give any graphic designer the inspiration that they need. Although this doesn’t necessarily count as graphic design, it’s a form of art and inspiration can be found in all places. 

Photos can inspire you to work on projects or merely help you get out of your creative block and focus again. Some graphic designers even go to art galleries to spark their imagination. Art of all kinds, even photography, can help give you the boost you need and the motivation to get back to graphic design. 

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You may have heard of the popular website, Dribble. Dribble is a great source for countless graphic designers that are seeking inspiration and want to see other’s work to help give them motivation. This site is the perfect mix of social media and freelancing, allowing users to share and comment on other graphic designer’s work. 

However, it also works as a great platform for those looking to display their work and possibly get hired. You can look through the work of thousands of talented graphic designers and what they’ve created. Save, share and comment on their photos and interact with fellow graphic designers. 

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This site was created to inspire graphic designers just like you to spark their imagination. However, unlike Dribble where you can merely browse thousands of logos and design pieces, Despignspiration allows users to search for keywords to specify what they want to see. 

This is a great resource for those that are working on a current project and may not be feeling inspired to complete it. You can search for exactly what you’re tackling and see results of similar work that others have completed. Used by thousands of creatives to get inspired for their projects, Despignspiration is an amazing outlet for graphic designers.