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Shoe Brands and Their Logos

Need some inspiration for creating a shoe brand logo? This article is the one for you! We look through some of the best shoe brand logos that will spark your imagination and inspire you to create a unique logo. Check it out to learn more!

If you’ve seen many popular shoe brand logos, you’re probably already aware that, although selling shoes, not all feature a shoe as a part of their logo. Instead, many designers will opt to choose a logo that will ensure that people remember the logo and that the logo is easy to memorize. Countless designers have played around with the concept of incorporating a shoe in their logo without it being obvious. 

Some manage to get creative and create a logo that plays around with the shape of shoes. They try different concepts and styles to create something unique and different from others. If you’re creating a shoe brand logo and need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected some of the top shoe brand logos created. 

The Shoe Shop logo features the company name shown in shoelaces. This is a subtle way of including the concept of shoes into the logo without directly including an image of a shoe. Not only is this way incredibly creative, but it also helps customers remember the logo. Usually, they’ll have to pause to look at the logo for a moment, which means it will be imprinted in their memory. 

This logo plays on the company name, ‘Bubbly Shoe’. It shows a women’s high-heeled shoe in blue bubbles. By creating the shoe out of various shades of blue bubbles, this designer went in a different direction with their logo. The logo stands out not only for its creativity but also its colorful concept. 

This logo is vastly different from the others listed. Although many choose to display a single shoe, this logo shows the image of a person walking directly in the logo. The two shoes work as a part of the ‘L’ and ‘A’. This logo directly incorporates itself into the company name while also showing that the brand sells shoe attire. 

This logo directly shows a sneaker, with the image of a mountain built into the top part of the sneaker. This not only shows the company’s name, but it also shows the shoe part of the company. This logo is one that subtly shows the company’s name while displaying the shoe brand as well.



This logo displays the company name, with the top of a footprint for the ‘N’. This logo stands out because, unlike other shoe brand logos, it doesn’t use an actual shoe in its logo. It merely uses a footprint, letting people know what the company sells while also putting a twist on the normal shoe logo.