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Ten Commandments….for Logo Designers?

We all like to have order. To have direction. To be told the right and wrong. To have purpose.

And I have found that it is always nice-no matter how much we know- to get a little tip.

To have someone give us that little bit of encouragement,  that little nice helpful bit of advice, that extra “boost”, to hear from the older, wiser, the more informed, etc.

I love to go to my Google Reader and catch up on all the latest news from the land of logo design. It is always nice to find a good article, or some of the latest new logos to review.

When you are new to something, it is always a good idea to read up on and to inform yourself as much as possible on whatever is the “something”, in question.

This all applies to design, and (if you wish to), you can narrow it down to logo design in particular. If you are new to logo design, there are a few things to make a point of taking notice of.

The “Logo Design Guru”, say it below rather well, in their “10 Commandments For New Logo Designers”.

10 Commandments for New Logo Designers
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