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The Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

When you’re first starting with learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, what tutorials you use can be a game-changer. You can learn from some of the leading graphic designers in the field that know Adobe Illustrator and have used their talents to teach others. Tutorials are ranging from beginners to more experienced tutorials, where you can learn everything you need to know about the software. 

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The Adobe Help Center 

If you’re first getting started with Illustrator then there’s no better place to seek tutorials than from Adobe itself. In the Adobe Help Center, you can find a variety of tutorials broken down into two sections, for beginner and experienced. The tutorials are broken up into sections of iPad tutorials, getting started, and other key areas. 

All tutorials are shown in bite-sized five-minute videos that you can watch quickly and work your way through the majority of the tutorials at once. The best part? All of Adobe’s tutorials are 100% free. Whether you’re a beginner just getting started with Illustrator and need some help or you’re experienced with the software, all can benefit from these tutorials. 

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Envatotuts+ Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Envatortuts has a library full of design and illustration tutorials that aren’t just for Illustrator. If you use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, or want more information about vectors or Graphic Design in general, you can find dozens of tutorials giving you helpful information on all of these.

For Adobe Illustrator, there are over a hundred tutorials that will give you step-by-step instructions for creating stunning pieces of art with the software. If you need a tutorial on something, it’s sure to have it. The tutorials are broken up into steps in an article that you can follow along with and images in each step to walk you through it. 

Their site is constantly updated with new tutorials for every area, so once you’ve worked your way through them you can continue to check back for more. We encourage you to check out all their tutorials, even those that aren’t for Adobe Illustrator. 

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Lynda.com Illustrator Training and Tutorials 

Lynda.com Adobe Illustrator Tutorials offers detailed video tutorials that can give you key information about Adobe Illustrator, ranging from the basics to creating icons, infographics, and more with the software. These tutorials are a bit longer than the other two sources mentioned here, with each tutorial being an hour or even longer. 

From beginner to advanced tutorials, there are tutorials for every level on their site. There are over 8,000 Adobe Illustrator tutorials for you to use. They’re constantly updating the site with new tutorials so you’ll always have a fresh batch of tutorials on hand, although it may take a while to work through the others. 

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Bring Your Own Laptop Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 

The Bring Your Own Laptop tutorials by Dan Scott are thorough and have a variety for everyone. Not only is there a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator, but their site also has a variety of other tutorials for Adobe Creative Cloud’s other software. We really mean it when we say that on this site they have something for everyone. 

You can find the tutorial that you need at the level that you’re at within a few quick seconds. These tutorials are longer than most, usually ranging around the three-hour mark or longer. Whether you’re a beginner or at the advanced level, there’s a tutorial for everyone on this site. 

In Conclusion 

It’s not always easy to learn Adobe Illustrator, one of the world’s top leading software programs, and the beginner may be a bit lost when they first open the software. In this case, it can be useful to learn from others who are more experienced in the field and who have been using the software for their whole career. 

Above are some of the top tutorials, taught by some of the most experienced leading graphic designers in the industry, for you to learn from. All of these tutorials can help you gain a better understanding of Adobe Illustrator, whether you’re using the software for the first time or looking to gain a better knowledge of it.