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The Best Software For Logo and Graphic Designers

If you’re a graphic designer then you already know that there are two invaluable things that you need to complete your job; your software and your hardware. Although your hardware is an equally important part of your career, your software is what we’ll be talking about today. The internet has hundreds of different software available for graphic designers to use, both free and paid options. 

However, when getting started as a graphic designer the sea of options can be a little overwhelming. You don’t know which are actually worth your money and which will just be a waste. We’ve gathered a list of the best software for you so you don’t have to do the research. 

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Adobe Creative Cloud 

Adobe Creative Cloud is the single most popular software for creatives of all kinds. Between Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, you can create stunning logos with user-friendly software. One of the many reasons that so many graphic designers decide to use this software is that it’s incredibly user-friendly. 

Adobe has created software that allows designers to move around efficiently and complete projects fast. However, if you want to use Adobe, you may be paying a little out of budget. If this is the case then no worries, there are budget-friendly options for all in this article. However, if you can afford Adobe then this software is the best choice by far. 

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Affinity Designer 

For those who can’t afford Adobe Creative Cloud, this software is a good alternative. This software is clean, capable, and works well as an alternative to the more expensive software. Affinity Designer’s pricing is significantly lower than Adobe’s and the software is similar to Adobe’s, although there are noticeable differences. 

The software’s easier to use than Adobe. If you’re going to use Adobe, then you’ll want to take some time before to get familiar with the software and learn the software. Affinity Designer, on the other hand, will allow you to get started right away without needing any previous knowledge. 

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Recently this software has gone up as a popular choice amongst graphic designers, a few even preferring it to some of the more well-known and popular software. Although Sketch isn’t meant to edit photos or for print work, it works well as software for your needs as a graphic designer in other areas. 

Similar to our second software, Sketch requires little experience to get started with using. Many designers use this software mostly for an app or web design, and the pricing is convenient as well. Sketch’s subscription is significantly lower than the other ones that you’ll find for similar software. 

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As a graphic designer, you’ll find that the further you get in your career the more you see the importance of having a good community surrounding you. Inkscape serves as more than just software, it’s a community where graphic designers can gather and support each other. The website is helpful and there’s a variety of resources available to help designers create good-looking graphics. 

However, Inkscape is far from perfect. The interface is clunky and a steep learning curve. The interface needs a lot of work before it’ll be up to the standards of the top software, but for free software, it serves its purpose and has a great community of graphic designers. 


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No list of the top software would be complete without giving Procreate the recognition it deserves. Procreate is software that can only be used on an iPad, making it the top choice for those looking to be able to work on projects on the go. Whether it’s a car trip, plane ride, or subway ride, you can bring your work with you. 

Just grab your Apple Pencil and iPad and you’re set to go. Procreate allows you to bring your work on the go and has a friendly support team that you can too if you need help. Procreate provides you with a variety of free brushes to get you started and you can create some stunning pieces. 

In Conclusion 

Overall, finding good software as a graphic designer can be a struggle sometimes. The internet can’t always answer your questions about which ones are the best choices, so we wrote an article detailing what you need to know about these top software to make your own well-informed decision. Above are the top software, both paid and free, for you to use for your graphic design purposes.