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The Slipknot Logo and Some History Behind the Band

A successful logo will trigger emotional responses and behavioral changes among your followers or fans. It will tell your story without requiring any words. So, what story do we get from the Slipknot logo?

We’ll take a deeper look into the Slipknot logo and the history of the nine-man music band behind it. 

We go back to 1995, when the music band was formed in Des Moines, Iowa. Composed of nine members, the music band was initially known as Meld. However, to differentiate itself from other musicians, the band changed its stage name to Slipknot. The band wanted to be unique, so they sought a unique name.

And you can feel the uniqueness not only on their logo but also from their outfits, stage performances, and lyrics. Their lyrics are aggressive, outfits are striking, and live performances are energetic. Although the uniqueness angered some individuals, it earned them their success and millions of loyal fans. 

Unlike other music bands that identify their members with nicknames, Slipknot uses numbers zero to eight to identify its members. The band also adopted one of the unique logos you’ll ever encounter, adding to its quest to be unique.

Commonly known as the Nonagram, the iconic logo features a nine-point start crafted from three triangles. The nine points represent the nine music band members and signify their bond.

Although the group went through several setbacks, it remains one of the most successful music bands ever to exist. Today, the band can boast two live albums, six studio albums, 26 singles, 27 music videos, and one Grammy Award. 

Slipknot Logo Evolution

The uniqueness of the Slipknot logo has seen it feature on countless PC wallpapers and articles of clothing. 

Of course, we’re not referring to just one of the band’s emblems. We’re talking about all the three logos associated with Slipknot. So, be ready to learn how the Slipknot logo came to be and its evolution over time.

Here are Slipknot’s magical three:

1. The Star Logo

This is the band’s first emblem. It features a nine-point star and is labeled Nonagram. The logo is a combination of three equilateral triangles and circles. As outlined in the image above, each point represents a band member. The logo is a personal symbol of unity.

2. The Wordmark Logo

This band’s sigil looks weird but attractive at the same time. It features the band’s name – Slipknot – with a monstrous look. The name is written using uneven letters that have spikes around them. The logo has a mysterious, notorious, and rebellious feel, representing the band’s style and personality. The custom marks seem like they were painted using a brush with rough bristles.

3. The S Logo

As the name suggests, this emblem features a stylized letter S crafted from the band’s first initial. The iconic logo resembles a dollar sign, and it has nine-pointed lines around it to represent each member of the band.

Why Does the Slipknot Logo Work?

Although technology has influenced logo design over the last few decades, the Slipknot logo has been relevant for over 20+ years. Here are the reasons why the logo still works.

  1. It’s memorable

Once you see it, it’s never coming out of your mind. Yes, that’s how much unique the Slipknot logo is. Its color, font, shape, and design easily capture people’s attention and stick in their minds. 

  1. It’s simple

If you’re developing a list of the cleanest and simplest logos, the list would be incomplete without the Slipknot logo. It features very few graphic elements, making it recognizable across multiple mediums. 

  1. It’s readable

I bet that we can all agree on the same thing: the Slipknot logo has an untidy wordmark. But this doesn’t have any effect on its personality. It’s unique, readable, and perfectly represents the band’s style. 

  1. It’s timeless

Yes, the logo looks weird but has no new, trending design elements. The logo is designed to represent the band’s values and beliefs. That’s why it has been relevant and valuable for 20+ years.  

  1. It’s adaptable

When it comes to adaptability and scalability, the Slipknot logo has it all. As such, the logo can be resized to suit varying advertising platforms without giving up its personality and sharpness. 

Slipknot Logo Design Elements

The Slipknot logo is eye-pleasing, thanks to its design elements, including color, text, and geometric shapes. The logo designers combined these design elements to convey the band’s mystical personality visually. 

Here is a deeper look at each of the logo’s design elements:

Slipknot logo shape and symbols

The Slipknot logo has two main elements as far as shape and symbols are concerned. This includes a star and the letter S as described below:

  • A star: The emblem features a star with nine points. It was created from a combination of three triangles and a circle. A star symbolizes power and magic. It represents purity, good luck, and dreams. The nine-point in the Slipknot logo represents leadership, magic, fulfilment, and completeness.
  • Letter–S: The band is identifiable by its unique and attractive stylized–S. The letter stands for the first initial of the band’s name. The letter–S also resonates with supremacy, sacredness, simplicity, skillfulness, and self-confidence.

Let’s now see what the logo’s colors represent.  

Slipknot logo colors

The logo features the colors red, black, and white, with each purportedly having meaning, as outlined below: 

  • Red: Red, the color of blood, is used in the Slipknot logo to represent anger, rage, and danger, which are emotions associated with the band. 
  • Black: This color is generally known as the color of darkness. It symbolizes fear, chaos, evil, rebellion, and death for the band. But given that the band performs in masks, black conveys their hidden charisma.  
  • White: This color offers the red and black colors a balancing clarity. It’s a neutral color that stands for softness, cleanliness, humility, safety, perfection and purity. It’s used in the Slipknot logo to differentiate the band from satanism – to show purity.

Next, we look at the Slipknot logo’s font and its meaning. 

What font is Slipknot using?

The custom font used to design the Slipknot logo is highly original. Although the font is somehow uneven, messy, and rugged, it’s highly readable and hints about the band’s genre; It promotes its mystical lifestyle. The font closely resembles the Sickness Font, which appears mostly in horror movies.

What Is Slipknot Logo Called?

The Slipknot logo is labeled Nonagram. The name takes inspiration from the nine-point parts of the emblem. Each point of the stars represents each group member with numbers zero to eight. 

What Does Slipknot Symbol Mean?

Yes, I have heard the rumors that the Slipknot symbol represents satanism. But those are just rumors and nothing to take heed to. The nine-man band states that the Slipknot symbol symbolizes their friendship, unity, and the fight against the fictional world. In a nutshell, the emblem represents their persona.

Who Created the Slipknot Logo?

Although most great logos are designed and created by expert graphic designers, the Slipknot logo is different. The emblem was created by the nine-man band members, drawing inspiration from their numbers and imagination. It is powerful and joins the list of the world’s most iconic logos.

Where Did the Slipknot S Come From?

No, the letter S doesn’t stand for Satan or anything satanic. Instead, the letter – S represents the first initial of the name Slipknot. Also, the band acquired the name from the opening track of their demo-cum-album, which was unveiled in 1996 on Halloween.

Where Does Slipknot Come From?

If you’re a fan of Slipknot or hard metal rock, you may be wondering where the band members come from. The group comprises Crahan, Craig, Corey, Chris, the late Gray, Jim, Mick, Sid, and the late Jordison. The nine talented musicians come from Des Moines, Iowa, United States. So, yes, Slipknot members are humans and not aliens. 

What Does Slipknot Masks Represent?

Since the band was formed, Slipknot masks have become a fundamental part of their identity. It was, of course, Michael’s idea to use the face masks. Michael Shawn Crahan is the oldest group member and wears the clown mask.

Michael states that the band’s masks represent the person behind the veil. The masks evoke the belief and identity of each band member. The members have changed their masks over the years, showing that human beings are dynamic.

What are Slipknot fans called?

Music is like a drug; it creates pleasure and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. And when you become an addict of a certain genre of music, or a specific music band or musician, you’re given a name to identify you. The Slipknot names are called Maggots, mainly because of the way they respond to the band’s music during shows. Maggots sound funny and offensive for a loyal fan, right? The fans love it, though.

What genre is Slipknot?

Slipknot is considered a nu-metal band by most fans and music critics. This means they are associated with nu-metal music makers like Limp Bizkit and Korn. However, the band members prefer to distance themselves from other nu-metal bands, identifying their music genre as metal-metal. Some other fans view their music genre as alternative metal, death metal, hard rock, heavy metal, etc.

How much is Slipknot worth?

The nine-men American band has an estimated net worth of $20 million. The band has six studio albums, around 27 music videos, two live albums, and other creatives, which account for their net worth. 

How Did Slipknot Get Started?

Formed in 1995, the band originates from one of the most unlikely places in the world. Slipknot was formed in Des Moines, Iowa, by Shawn Crahan (percussionist), the late Paul Gray (bassist), and the late Joey Jordison (drummer). Today, the Slipknot is one of America’s most popular heavy metal bands, featuring nine highly talented musicians.

The band acquired their name from the opening track of their first demo, “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat”, which was released on Halloween in 1996. Joey then suggested that the band adopt the name Slipknot in one of their many meetings. The name was a reference to one of their title songs. 

The band’s recording journey began at SR Audio in Iowa. Their first project cost them more than $40,000, which they funded out of their pockets. And before they could release their demo, Donnie Steele, a guitarist, left the band for personal reasons.

The group replaced Donnie with Craig Jones, who later became the band’s sampler after Mick Thompson joined the band as a guitarist. On 31st October 1996, Slipknot finally released its demo. But due to poor delivery networks and less airplay, the band didn’t impact the music industry at first.

So, the band reviewed its membership and released a second demo two years after the first one. And sure, this time, the demo caught the attention of several record labels. In February 1998, Slipknot received an offer from Ross Robinson, a producer, to produce an album. The band was also offered Sid Wilson, a DJ, to strengthen their music abilities.  

In July 1998, Slipknot signed a contract with Roadrunner Records, receiving $500,000 and a seven-album deal. But the band encountered several setbacks before finishing their debut album. This led to several members leaving the band and others coming in.

The band’s success finally came in 1999, exposing them to the world. They went for several tours, earning them more fans and fame. Slipknot became certified platinum in 2000, becoming the first band to do so under Roadrunner Records. Slipknot was nominated for ten Grammy Awards and went on to win their first Award in 2006.

Sadly, the group has lost two of its members recently. Gray was found in a hotel in 2010, with reports saying he died of morphine overdose. In July 2021, Joey died from traverse myelitis. 

Summary of Slipknot logo

Since its conceptualization in 1995, the Slipknot band has evolved to become one of the best bands in the world. Over the years, the band has faced several setbacks, including the deaths of some of its members. Slipknot has also been forced to replace several of its members for varying reasons.

Nevertheless, Slipknot has endured success, recording and performing hit songs that have been received warmly by their fans across the world. This has earned them a big fan base and great success.

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