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The Top Typography Resources For Logo Designers

  • Fonts are an important part of any graphic designer’s job, but they’re not always easy to find
  • If you’re a graphic designer that’s been struggling to find fonts that will work for your logo design projects, we’re here to help
  • In this article, we tell you about the top typography resources for graphic designers

Any graphic designer knows that the fonts that they use for their designs are critical to ensuring a flawless and unique design. After all, fonts are often a critical part of logos, and regardless of how amazing a design is, a terrible font can completely ruin a design. Unfortunately, finding unique and beautiful fonts is a struggle even for graphic designers that have been doing it their whole lives. It can feel impossible when you’re searching for fonts that will work well for your design and it seems like an uphill battle to find one. However, the internet is full of resources that graphic designers that they can take advantage of for design purposes. 

If you’re wondering where you can find typography resources that will help you on your graphic design journey then keep on reading. We’ve collected the top typography resources, a great many of which are free, that you can use for your next graphic design project!

The Top Typography Resources For Graphic Designers

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How many graphic designers have seen a font used in a design before and not been able to recognize it? Too many. It’s common for graphic designers to want to use a font but not be able to identify it so that they can use it, which is why this resource comes in use for graphic designers. With this website, you can identify any font by simply uploading the image, highlight the lettering that you want to find and it’ll show you. This makes it so that graphic designers have easy access to any font that they see with just a few clicks.

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This resource is exactly what it says it is; a website that has everything to do with typography. If you’re wondering what’s currently trending in the design community and just how many different fonts there are then this resource can help. You can scroll through hundreds of unique and individual fonts that will show you just how creative you can get with your work. This blog has fonts in all different shapes, sizes, and colors that you can explore.

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Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a top typography resource for many reasons, including that it has more than just one feature. Not only do they provide a vast library of resources that you can use to get fonts but they also have other fascinating tools that you can use such as font identifier and font generator. Between these, you’ll have just about everything that you need when it comes to typography as you’re designing. 

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Free Design Resources: Fonts 

With this resource, you’ll have access to the largest library of fonts that there is, all for free. You’re sure to not only have options that you can choose from for your design, but you’ll also get to explore the huge library to ensure that you’ve seen all different varieties until you find the perfect result. The best part is that the site is constantly updated, meaning that there are always new and fresh fonts available on the website. 

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Google Fonts 

This list would certainly not be complete if we didn’t mention the top leader of free fonts, Google Fonts. Google’s library of fonts is quite impressive with over 1000 fonts for graphic designers to take advantage of and use on their next project. The resource has always been used by graphic designers who want access to top fonts that are on the internet without having to pay for them.

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Although this site doesn’t directly offer fonts for graphic designers, it provides inspiration that can change your graphic design. If you’re looking for tips and inspiration on a website then this is the perfect option, allowing graphic designers to scroll through designs that show examples of how fonts have been used uniquely. They demonstrate how fonts are used on websites, giving graphic designers inspiration for how they can use them on future projects.  

Summing It Up 

One thing that graphic designers often struggle with is finding high-quality fonts for their designs. After all, a font can make or break a design and is one of the most critical elements of any graphic designer’s work. If you’re a graphic designer that’s seeking fonts, you already know how difficult it can be to find fonts that work for your design and aren’t the typical ones that you see all over the internet. If you’re looking for fonts that can help you to create stunning pieces of design then look no further than above. We’ve collected the top typography resources for graphic designers and the best part is, many of them are free!