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The World’s Most Famous Logos And How They’ve Impacted Us

  • Logos have a huge impact on us and our world. There are some logos that are so iconic that it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t instantly recognize them
  • Just a few of these iconic logos are Nike, Apple, and Google. These brands have created amazing logos to represent their brand that are famous today 
  • We share a few of the most famous logos of all time and how they’ve impacted us and our world 

When we think about how a logo impacts us, we can say that iconic and famous logos certainly stick with us and make their mark on us. These logos that we’re about to show you are those that we see everywhere; billboards, tv advertisements, their website, and their social media. Logos come in all different shapes and styles, so when you’re designing a logo a lot of thought has to go into what options you’ll choose for it. Logos play a significant part in a company’s success and how they use it in their marketing. 

A logo is an essential tool for your company and when it comes to designing one, you want it to have all the critical aspects that made these logos as well known as they are today. If you’re looking for the inspiration needed to create a famous logo, this is it. We share all of the world’s most famous logos and how they’ve impacted us! 


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Although the Nike logo may be one of the most simplistic logos to date, it still ranks first as one of the most famous logos of all time. Few logos have impacted our world as greatly as the Nike logo that has made its mark on millions of sneakers. Although a great logo is essential for any brand, for Nike it was of the utmost importance that their logo was perfect. 

Nike’s logo appears on apparel, meaning that it’s not only important to people that the logo is appealing, but that it will also be seen more than other brand’s logos will. Fortunately for the brand, their logo is one of the most iconic of all time. The logo has an interesting history and is simplistic while still being modern and classy. The logo is recognizable around the globe and beloved by billions.


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Another one of the world’s simplest designs and yet one that’s made its mark on our world permanently is the famous Apple logo. Although the logo now is the one that we easily recognize on the back of most of our electronics, the Apple logo didn’t always look how it looks today. The original logo, first created in 1976, looked far different from what we recognize and associate the iconic brand with today. 

The original logo, created nearly three decades ago, featured Isaac Newton sitting underneath an apple tree. The tree featured an apple hanging from it, ready to drop. Although the original logo was unique and a creative take, Apple quickly took to changing the logo into something simpler. Although the color changed throughout the next couple of decades, the design of an apple with a bite taken out of the side stayed the same as the one that’s used today. 


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Another one of the world’s most famous logos and that we see every time we open our browser is the amazing Google logo. Same as many of the other famous logos of our time, Google quickly follows in the footsteps of many other famous designs with a simplistic look to represent their company. Since Google is a logo that represents the company and is seen repeatedly, they had to have a memorable one. 

Google’s logo uses lots of colors to represent their brand and give it life. Google uses mostly primary colors (excluding the green ‘I’ in the logo, which is technically a secondary color) in the logo to make it stand out and give it the pop that the logo needs. Google’s logo is everything that you want for your brand; fun, quirky, and signature. It’s creative and gives the brand its personality. 


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Mcdonald’s is one of the biggest franchises around the globe, with restaurants in 118 countries around the world. Mcdonald’s is arguably one of the most famous restaurants to date and few haven’t been to the iconic fast-food chain. The logo is only one signature part of the franchise, but it is what makes the brand recognizable. For restaurants, it’s tricky when you’re creating logos and knowing what brand colors to use.

Your logo is, in a sense, your billboard for one giant advertisement for your restaurant. They have to be able to grab attention and get people to visit your restaurant based on a logo alone. The Mcdonald’s logo features a french fry arch on a red background is a logo that we all have imprinted in our minds. It’s classy and uses red and yellow to get the appetite and attention of customers.