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Best Tools For Graphic and Logo Designers

  • To Be a Great Designer You Need To Take Advantage of Design Tools
  • A Few Of The Top Graphic Design Tools 
  • Tools That Every Designer Needs

You can be a good graphic designer on your own, you may even be a great one, but to truly be an amazing graphic designer and create logos that shock even your mentor, you need the use of other tools. You may have talent, but to put it to use you’ll want to take advantage of the tools available. The internet is filled with excellent software that many designers don’t even know exists and go half their career without ever touching. 

Many of these are budget-friendly and a handful are free. If you’re able to afford the best of the best (i.e Adobe Illustrator) then of course that’s every designer’s first pick, but we understand that not everyone has the resources to afford the best. 

Without further ado, let’s review some of the top graphic design resources! 

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This tool made solely for the iPad eliminates the need for anything but an iPad and an Apple Pencil. It’s easy to use for quick graphic sketches or full design pieces. It also makes your work portable so you can keep it with you even when leaving the house and work on the way. Procreate lets you save work as a PDF or PSD which makes it able to completely integrate with Adobe. 

It also records a time-lapse of your entire drawing, a perfect feature for those looking to show their work process. The cost is only $9.99 with no subscription needed and it comes with free brushes. Even if this software is a tool that you’ll use for quick warm-up sketches before you get started designing, you can’t go wrong with Procreate. 

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Adobe Illustrator 

No list of tools for graphic designers would be complete without Adobe Illustrator. Normally designers wait until they’re making a steady career out of designing before investing in Adobe, but if you can afford it and feel confident in your designing skills then it’s the best first choice for any graphic designer with any skill level. 

With Illustrator, graphic designers and artists can use it to create all different design products. Adobe is constantly updating Illustrator to give users the best experience and make it as efficient for designers as possible. 

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PicsArt proudly boasts that they have one of the largest design communities around and they aren’t wrong. Even those who aren’t hardcore professional designers will find PicsArt useful for their photo editing skills. The software provides useful editing tools that will help you create professional photos with little to no knowledge of photography. 

All of PicsArt tools are easy to use and free, making it a top choice for many designers. Although this isn’t directly a tool for graphic designers, if you are a designer trying to grow a presence on any social media platform this resource can be incredibly useful. PicsArt also has video editing features that you can take advantage of. Any graphic design attempting to further their career online needs to take advantage of this tool. 

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DesignEvo Free Logo Maker 

This logo maker will transform any graphic designer’s life. If you’re looking for something that will get you on the road towards graphic design then this software is something that you don’t have to invest in and you can experiment with before committing to expensive software

DesignEvo is perfect for designers who want to create logos from scratch or use a pre-made template. You can search from over 6,000 templates that make it easy for you to find the perfect starting point for designers to start their logo design. This is the perfect opportunity to get started with designing logos. 


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It’s no secret that design teams are flooded with content that they’re creating. They go from the draft to the framework and a dozen other steps before they reach the final result that clients receive. The draft receives a lot of feedback from those in higher positions before it reaches the client. 

A proofing tool like ProofHub helps design teams use their time efficiently and eliminates unnecessary tasks. It helps designers manage all the small tasks that can get lost by having the client leave direct feedback explaining small changes that need to be done. It eliminates unnecessary time spent on emails and you can quickly make changes for clients.