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Legendary Simplistic Designs

Somedays, as a designer, you’ll get stuck in a rut and the motivation just won’t be there. On days like these, many designers find motivation by getting inspired by looking at other’s work. Although these logos may not be new to you they can still help boost your motivation and help you get inspired for your next design project. Sometimes looking at the greatest pieces of work is the encouragement that we need to start creating again. 

These logos are legendary; they’re some of the greatest logos of all times, but not everyone knows the stories about how they came around. These are simplistic designs that became legendary due to their simple and classy designs. They’re a great example of designs that have stood the test of time merely because of their astounding elements. 

For your inspiration, here are some of the greatest and legendary logo designs of all time. We hope these inspire, motivate and encourage you on your designing journey. 

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One of the most famous logos of all time, Apple has a logo that is elegant and classy. Who knew that a single design of an Apple with a bite taken out of it would be on millions of products and used around the world? However, this famous logo wasn’t originally what you know and love today. The original logo, designed back in 1976, wasn’t even an apple at all. 

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Over time, the logo evolved into what we know today. Although it didn’t change from the classic apple in 1977, the colors changed drastically over time. In 1977 the classic Apple logo was a rainbow color, changing to a variety of different solid colors over the next few years. The last updated logo was Apple’s simple flat grey color that they changed to in 2017 and is still with the company today. 

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Google’s logo comes in a strong second place for legendary famous logos with the classic colorful letters that users are all too familiar with. Even those who don’t use Google recognize the familiar logo and associate it with the world-famous company. However, unlike Apple, Google’s logo hasn’t undergone many changes. Instead, the logo has stayed fairly consistent over the years with only a few minor changes being made to the company’s logo. 

Google claimed that its goal was to create a logo that was easily accessible, which is a huge part of the reason that thousands love their logo. Not only is it classy and fun, but it’s also lovable, a key ingredient to any successful logo design. 

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One of the simplest and yet classiest and most stylish logos is the legendary Nike logo. Although simplistic, the Nike logo carries most of the weight of the entire brand and is what customers instantly associate the company with. The iconic Nike swoosh is a recognizable logo that’s made its way into thousands of hearts. 

Although logos are important for all brands, it’s especially important for apparel companies like Nike since their logo will be showcased on their apparel as well. Recognized all around the globe and loved by many, the Nike logo is one of the most successful logos to date. The story is that the logo cost a mere $35, designed by Carolyn Davidson, who was at the time a graphic design student. 

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Yet another design that is simple yet successful. The target logo is a modern and simple classic red and white target, originally designed back in 1962. The company went with the decision to use their name and literally embrace it for their logo. After all, what’s a better logo for their company than a literal target? 

It’s simple, but it’s also significant and passionate. The logo only uses two colors, red and white, and it stands out. What many people don’t know is that, despite the simplicity of the logo, there was a lot of thought and effort that went into this logo. Even if you’re deciding to go with a simple look for a logo design, it’s important that you think about all aspects and put your heart into it.