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Where to Find the Perfect Logo for Your Business

  • Designing your logo starts with defining your brand and its mission
  • Assemble the information needed before meeting with your designer or logging into a logo design app
  • Decide the best source for you to have your logo designed and trust the process

Branding is an important part of building a successful business.  Along with your business name, your logo will become the emblem that represents your brand on social media, marketing materials, and on your website. . Your logo will represent what your business stands for, what you do, and how you service your clients.  Here we share what goes into creating your logo and resources to have your logo designed.

Why Logos are Important

Your logo is intended to instill good feelings in your prospects.  It should be unique, attractive, and memorable. The first step is ensuring that you have a clear definition of the personality and feel of your brand. 

Creating a logo is like personifying your brand.  Get clear on what your purpose is, what your values are, what makes you the best in your industry, and what sets your company apart.  

Start by brainstorming your ideas.  Use paper and pen or a whiteboard and throw all of your ideas together to see what sticks, what feels right to you. You will want to think from the perspective of your target audience.  The more people you have involved in this step, the better.

Decide what style of logo best represents your brand.  

Do you want something classic that will stand the test of time?  You will want to stick to classic colors and standard fonts.  Do you prefer a throwback, vintage style?  You should stick with browns, khakis, and taupes. Your logo should also be something drawn by hand. Are you looking for a modern look?  Use clean lines and plenty of whitespaces. Do you want to convey how fun and whimsical your business is?  Use color and fun symbols.

Next, you’ll have to decide what type of logo works for your company.

  • Monogram Logos – These are great for shortening your name on marketing materials and uniforms.
  • Logotypes – These simply use typography to express a feeling.
  • Logo Symbols – These can be paired with a Monogram or Logotype.
  • Mascots – These are perfect for fun, family-friendly brands.

Choose Your Colors

Colors express emotions and increase brand recognition.  Reds represent passion and excitement.  Orange is playful.  Yellow comes off as cheerful, friendly, and accessible.  Green is peaceful and works great for eco-friendly brands due to its connection to nature. 

Blue stands for trust and dependability.  Purple exudes luxury and creativity. Pink screams femininity. Brown can be masculine, but it can also relate to nature or homemade goods. 

Black elicits feelings of luxury, simplicity, or sleekness.  White is clean and to the point.  Gray is a classic color, giving a more sincere feeling. 

Note that different shades of these colors elicit different feelings. Don’t be afraid to mix the colors to get a true feeling of your company.

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Typography is Important

Depending on your font, your business will send a particular message.  Serif Fonts are classic, upscale, traditional, and express professionalism. San Serif Fonts are more polished and sleek. 

They are easy to read, even from afar. Script Fonts are relatable and give your logo a more relaxed feel. Just make sure that you can read your logo with this font.

Putting it All Together

No matter if you decide to work with a designer or use an app, having all of this information assembled and in front of you before you begin the work will help you to successfully achieve the perfect logo for your brand.

Honing in the right one will boil down to answering these questions:

  • Is this logo unique?
  • Is it remarkable?
  • Does it work on all materials and digital marketing platforms?
  • Does it truly reflect your brand?
  • Will it stand the test of time?

Where to Find Your Perfect Logo

Depending on how much time and money you want to invest in creating your logo, there are a few options from which to choose.  


You can find freelancers through Dribble, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and People Per Hour.  You will be able to look through the designers, their portfolios, and choose the one you would like to work with.

Starting a Logo Contest

With a logo design contest, you get the most bang for your buck.  You can have a variety of designers vying to design your logo and they are usually able to come up with such amazing designs from different perspectives.  You’ll need to ensure that you give them the information you put together above and be as clear as possible in your creative brief. Hatchwise allows you to place an order and have designers submit designs to choose from. Your cost for starting a contest starts at $89 and comes with a minimum of 30 concepts.

Logo Design Platforms

These logo generators are easy-to-use, web-based apps that let you create your own logo. Using a logo design platform is the least expensive way to get a logo for your business.

Tailor Brands

This AI platform allows you to insert your brand name and walks you through each step. High-resolution logos are available for a plan that costs $12.99/month.


Like Tailor Brands, Looka is for beginners and uses a wizard to help you design your logo. You’ll get more than 28 versions of your logo with a $4.99/month plan.

Constant Contact Logo Maker

This logo design tool also offers email marketing and a website builder.  High resolutions are available with the premium plan that starts at $20/month.