How to Price Your Logo Design Services

Are you pricing your logo designs too low? Or too high? It can be hard to strike the right balance between “competitive” prices and rates that are too expensive for your target clients. If you price too low, though, you could end up getting LESS work — or, worse, being stuck on projects that effectively […]

Top 5 Worst Design Choices for Your Business Logo

What’s in a logo? If you’e lucky, a strong, clear brand message that can be instantly recognized, whether it’s printed on a t-shirt or splashed across a billboard. However, it’s all too easy to let your logo design get cluttered, which muddles the message and turns what should be a powerful symbol into a blurry […]

When to Say No: What Logo Projects Should You Turn Down?

As a graphic designer, there are many projects you might not want to do. But logo projects often seem like great opportunities. After all, it’s the chance to create an essential part of a brand identity! Logos are indeed important, which is why you should choose your projects with care. Bad clients can cost you […]

Top 4 Logo Design Websites in 2021

What’s the best place to get a logo in 2021? Hundreds of websites promise you professional, high-quality designs — but only a few deliver. Sure, you can design your own with one of the Internet’s many logo markers… or you could choose from a pool of talented designers and get brilliant concepts for your perfect […]

Your Ultimate Checklist for Designing Your Business’s Best Logo

Ever wondered what makes for a successful logo? Or more importantly, how you can get one for your business? Your logo is a condensed, highly symbolic representation of your brand — or at least, it should be. It’s tempting to phone it in and whip something up on Canva. But your logo is like your […]