Truth Telling.

One of the most important things in design is to show people what they want to see-not what they need to see. Imagine if the small print was the big print and if what we don’t say, we start saying. A  Swedish designer by the name of  Viktor Hertz, followed through on this fun idea with his collection of […]

American Airlines’ New Logo.

It looks as though American Airlines has joined the many companies that are updating their new logos and has for the first time -since 1967-updated their logo. It seems to have taken many folks by surprise that they chose such a different design from the one they have had for the past 45+ years. It rather interesting to hear […]

Not sure what you think about change?

“You can be Cautious or you can be Creative (but there’s no such thing as a Cautious Creative).” – George Lois That is good advice there. When it comes to design, you must be bold. You need to step out and just do it. Many designers are afraid to do something different, and think that it […]

Ten Commandments….for Logo Designers?

We all like to have order. To have direction. To be told the right and wrong. To have purpose. And I have found that it is always nice-no matter how much we know- to get a little tip. To have someone give us that little bit of encouragement,  that little nice helpful bit of advice, that extra “boost”, to hear […]

New Wendy’s Logo!

Yes, for the first time since 1983, Wendy’s (a well-known, Ohio-based fast-food chain, known for its burgers and Frostys) has a new logo! A cleaned up, less busy, more streamlined one, it still features the familiar pig-tailed redhead, just not quite so young and childlike. It also has the same red color scheme. Wendy’s was founded in 1969, by Dave Thomas. Thomas […]

On politics.

With all the debating and upcoming elections, there are a lot of thoughts stirring, questions being asked, arguments, etc. I don’t follow politics. There. I just said it. Maybe I should. I am not sure. It is something that I have never been concerned or interested in. But there are a few things that I do know. People have opinions, and […]

Logos – old or new?

What is a Logo? Some of the less knowledgeable would perhaps say that Logos are something that has only come around since technology, since large businesses, etc. They are, as a a matter of fact, quite wrong. Remember the old signs out in the Wild West? For a saloon, there would be a jug of whiskey on the sign, alongside the writing. […]

Effective Website Logo Creation 101.

Many business owners erroneously perceive the logo simply as a short description image for their company. However, I would like to point out that what makes a logo fulfill all its functions resides in its meaning and symbolism. Because they represent the heart of a business’s identity, a company’s logo can be best compared to […]

Latest in logos….

The most recent news in the logo design world is that of online logo design contest site, 99 Designs, expanding to Europe by buying out, 12Designer, a Berlin-based version of itself. Eva Missling was one of the founders of 12designer and is now acting as European General Manager for Melbourne-based 99Designs. 99Designs president and CEO, Patrick Llewellyn […]

New Microsoft Logo.

For the first time in 25 years Microsoft has changed it’s logo. A rather subtle change, compared to that of the Olympic’s new one. Less streamline, more squared. Same colors, however, maybe a bit less bold. Still the same black lettering, just in straight font, instead of italic. Altogether, I rather like the new one, and, after 25 years, I would […]


WHY ILLUSTRATOR? Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular applications among graphic designers, especially those who specialize in designing logos. When it comes to designing logos the advantages of Adobe Illustrator are many, including the fact that it is a vector-based software i.e. you can scale the image to extremely large proportions and still not […]

2012 Olympics Logo- yea or nay?r

So…I have been following with interest all the debate on the 2012 Olympic logo, and am still not sure what my end decision is. There is one thing for sure-it will be well remembered-maybe not in a positive light, but still, no one is going to forget it. From what I have read, I have noticed a few things […]

How to design a folder… without losing your mind.

Designing and printing folders for presentations, marketing or commercial purposes require artistic vision as well as geometry notions or basic psychological knowhow regarding perception. This is why I have decided to compile a list of the most frequently encountered errors which I hope will come in handy on your next project.

Files You Should Get From Your Designers.

I don’t know about you, but I really needed some help what it came to knowing what files to expect when I received my logo, which was why I found this post that I recently found extremely helpful, “Have a logo? Here are the files you should get from you designer”. Author Sarah Leigh says, […]

PBS: The Art Of Logo Design:

Check out PBS’s “Off Book” series, where we get to see behind the scenes what it takes to make a logo, as well as interviews with design experts.  Short, but full of helpful information – you really do have to watch! It’s a lot of fun!

5 resources for designing a UNIQUE logo

Whether you are a casual designer, who likes to spend some of your spare time doodling on a PC, or are an avid enthusiast who only leaves the PC for ‘snacks’ and ‘toilet needs’…

Content theft and how to deal with it

…The next day I received a panicky call from a guy that sounded like he was still in his teens, he was extremely apologetic, terrified that I was going to sue him, and adamant that the pirated images were his website designers fault…