Famous Car Brands and Logos That Start With T

There’s no denying that the world of design is complex, and designers pull from various resources and creative concepts when creating iconic designs. They draw on school resources such as math and science and depend on letters to form iconic designs that stand out from the competition. Regarding letters in logos and iconic emblems, it […]

The History Of The Chick-fil-A Logo

Although it has only been since 1960, the Chick-fil-A logo has evolved several times. This Georgia-based fast-food restaurant is now one of the largest chains in North America, with more than 3,000 restaurants in 48 states. The business has remained successful throughout all of its logo changes over the years, becoming so well-known today it […]

The Top 10 Most Famous Logos With A Circle

Geometry isn’t just for math majors; it’s for designers and marketers too. In fact, design and visual identity are based solely on geometry and shapes. Whether it’s an obvious circle, such as the Starbucks logo, or a more hidden shape inside a design, it’s clear that the majority of designs and marketing materials use shapes […]

The Complete History Of The Budweiser Logo

Budweiser still remains one of the top-selling beer brands in the U.S., but the brand has had a long rich history far before then. Anheuser–Busch, the parent company of Budweiser, has been around since the 1880s.  First created in 1876, the Budweiser logo has changed around 15 times. Starting with a more elegant, script-like written […]

The History of the Greek Alphabet: The Symbols and Meanings

The Greek alphabet is a classical writing system with a legacy thousands of years old. Historians place the alphabet’s development at around 1000 BCE, or more than 3000 years ago. Impressively, this writing system has been used in one form or another ever since its invention. All other European alphabets have their roots in the […]

A Complete Guide To Color Theory

Color theory explores the complex relationship between colors, examining both their aesthetic harmony and the scientific basis for their use. It encompasses the psychology of color perception, the dynamics of color blending, and the harmonious or contrasting relationships between different hues. In the field of graphic design, a deep comprehension of color theory is crucial. […]

The History Of The Tesla Logo

In the realm of automotive branding, few companies can captivate consumers and make a lasting impact quite like Tesla. Tesla is a famous brand that has a striking symbol to convey its business and the success that it has had on the market ever since it first came around. Not only is Tesla home to […]

The Best Modern Logos With An Eagle

Brands in a range of industries include the eagle in their logo and branding. Eagles carry rich symbolism and are associated with positive qualities like honor, loyalty, bravery, intelligence, and leadership. These birds are swift flyers and skillful hunters, so they’re popular among brands that want to develop similar connotations. Eagles have an elegant, streamlined […]

The History Of The Wu-Tang Logo

In the realm of hip-hop, few names resonate as powerfully as the Wu-Tang Clan. This American hip-hop collective, originating from New York City in 1992, stands as a pillar of the genre’s history and influence. The hip-hop group, comprised of ten American rappers, has reached massive success and has released a solid discography. They have […]

The History Of The Subway Logo

Known for its fresh, healthy ingredients and the speed at which it delivers fresh sandwiches, Subway is a fast food chain that has exploded with international success. Subway initially opened in Connecticut and, from then on out, was an instant success with a wide demographic of consumers. However, although many people enjoy the bite of […]

The Complete History Of The Playboy Logo

The renowned Playboy Bunny logo is an unmistakable attention-grabber, impossible to miss or forget once you’ve seen it. After all, it is iconic. Its mysterious appearance, with the rabbit facing toward the left and the significant spelling out of the company name, is enough to have anyone fascinated. It perfectly embodies everything necessary to represent […]

The History Of The Hello Kitty Logo

Do you know that adorable character, Hello Kitty? She’s famous worldwide and people of all ages love her. Created by Yuko Shimizu and designed by Yuko Yamaguchi, Hello Kitty has captured thousands of hearts. Hello Kitty is owned by the Japanese company Sanrio. The cartoon shows an adorable white cat with whiskers wearing a red […]

The History Of The Harley Davidson Logo

If you haven’t heard of Harley Davidson, you’ve been living under a rock. This iconic brand is one of the most well-known worldwide, popular for its famous motorcycles that have dominated the nation. Outside of recognizing the company’s name, there’s no doubt that you can instantly identify the company’s legendary logo. After all, the logo […]

How to Use Fiverr: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Are you finally ready to explore Fiverr? The popular freelance marketplace shook up the scene when it launched back in 2010, and the founders took quite a bit of derision for the “everything and anything for $5” pricing model, but the site was a success. Today, Fiverr is one of the top 200 freelance online […]

The History Of The Carolina Panthers Logo

Sports team logos are some of the most iconic logos in our culture. They help fans of the same team identify each other in public, even outside of a sports arena, and provide powerful merchandising opportunities for the team. Sports create a powerful sense of community or people in the same geographic area and even […]

The History Of The LA Lakers Logo

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team uses one of the world’s most recognizable logos. Sports logos are a special class of design since the logos are so closely associated with the team. Players come and go, but teams like the Lakers endure for decades. Fans form lifelong loyalties to their favorite franchises. These teams need […]

The History Of The 10 Best Marvel Logos

In pop culture, few names hold as much weight as Marvel. This empire has captivated audiences worldwide for decades with its epic storytelling and iconic characters. Yet, there’s more to Marvel’s success than just the stories and superheroes – their logos have played a pivotal role in establishing their brand identity and leaving an indelible […]

The Complete History Of The Jack in the Box Logo

Logos are the silent narrators of a brand’s narrative, encapsulating its essence and evolution within a single, visually striking image. In the fast-food industry, known for its ever-shifting tastes and trends, one logo has managed to endure and adapt seamlessly to the changing appetites of generations: the iconic Jack in the Box logo. For countless […]

The Complete History Of The Bosch Logo

Bosch is a technology company with a long legacy, and the logo history to match. This engineering company was founded in 1886 and has delivered more than a century of top performance across industries. Bosch is still a well-respected brand sold worldwide. The Bosch logo has evolved over time while maintaining recognizable branding and a […]

The Evolution of the IKEA Logo: A Journey Through Time and Design

When you think of IKEA, what immediately comes to mind? Chances are, it’s more than just the flat-pack furniture and Swedish meatballs. That iconic blue and yellow logo has become synonymous with affordable and stylish home furnishings.  But did you know that the IKEA logo has a rich history that spans decades, each iteration telling […]

 The Complete History Of The eBay Logo 

You’ve heard about Amazon, and chances are, you’ve heard about eBay. eBay is a well-known website popular for its digital auctions and the ability to buy vast products from around the globe. By using the platform, people worldwide can sell products, and others can purchase various items and connect with sellers at any point. eBay […]