The Complete History of The Nickelodeon Logo

We can all recognize the Nickelodeon logo, kids and adults alike, and it’s not just because of the name. It’s in the color, feel, and memories too. Nickelodeon’s choice to focus on child-based entertainment was an innovative approach to television when it first started. In fact, to this day, most people in the US think […]

History of Logos: BMW Logo

BMW is often associated with luxury cars, and if that’s what you associate with the brand, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that. What you may not know though, is BMW is much more than that, and BMW’s story of how it came to be is a story of resilience, rebounding, pivoting, and a great […]

The History Of The Fruit Of The Loom Logo

If you were to look at businesses that grew from humble beginnings, Fruit of the Loom would be one of the first businesses you stumble upon. And for many of us, it’s a brand that we are familiar with.  If you need cotton underwear, a new package of socks, or a basic t-shirt, Fruit of […]

History Of The Coca-Cola Logo And The Company

Few brands have had the enduring success and iconic image that Coca-Cola has enjoyed. It’s a staple of cinemas across the nation — the perfect complement to a bucket of popcorn. This global company sells its beverages in virtually every country, from China’s apple-flavored sodas to South Africa’s fruity Bibo drinks.  However, the classic Coca-Cola […]

The Evolution Of The Starbucks Logo And The Company

When we say, “Grande Café Mocha,” “Tall Vanilla Latte,” or “Venti Iced Chai,” what brand do you think of? Most of us would know immediately what brand we are referencing, but if you don’t, you’ll know soon.  Some logos are a gateway into the brand. And often those logos, are some of the most recognizable […]

The Evolution Of The Firefox Logo

Nowadays Google Chrome may be your preferred browser, but it wasn’t too long ago that users sought out Firefox to use exclusively for their web browsing. Even today, Firefox has a loyal following and with their attempts to keep up with Chrome’s features, and their security measures, we can’t say we blame them.  Even if […]

A Complete Guide to DesignContest

What emotions are triggered when you see the above logo – belonging to DesignContest? I’ll take a close guess: the feeling of calmness and serenity? Or is it the feeling of stability, reliability, and class?

A Complete Guide to LogoMyWay

Let’s set things straight: a strong brand wins you customers and promotes your growth. And to have a strong brand, you’ll need an excellent brand identity – that is, a great logo, the right combination of colors, appealing typography, to name a few.  Specifically, you’ll need a well-developed logo to build customer recognition, boost customer […]

A Complete Guide to 99designs

You need plenty of things to launch a brand. For instance, you need a solid product or service, a business plan, and a clear idea of your target audience.

A Complete Guide to Logo Tournament

Can you name any major firm without a logo? Bet you can’t! And this is because big and successful businesses are built on the foundation of well-developed, strong logos.

The History And Background Of Spider-man

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the name Spiderman! The first youngest superhero in the Marvel universe is one of the most popular in the World. Similarly, The Spider-man symbol may be one of the most famous logos in the world. This popular superhero is featured in a wide variety of […]

The Slipknot Logo and Some History Behind the Band

A successful logo will trigger emotional responses and behavioral changes among your followers or fans. It will tell your story without requiring any words. So, what story do we get from the Slipknot logo? We’ll take a deeper look into the Slipknot logo and the history of the nine-man music band behind it.  We go […]

The History Of The Doritos Logo

Doritos is a famous brand that’s well known for its delicious tortilla chips that work as a fantastic snack or something to munch on during those long car rides. We’re pretty sure that most of our readers are already familiar with the tasty chips that are manufactured by Frito Lay, which is a subsidiary of […]

The History Of The Indeed Logo

When you first look at the logo for the employment company Indeed it looks pretty straightforward. The logo is a simple wordmark blue with a dash above the ‘i’ on the left side.

The History Of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo And The Team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers first appeared in the NFL in 1976 and brought with them one of the most unique logos at the time. Popularly known as the “Bucco Bruce,” the logo featured a pirate with a knife in his mouth. Although not overly intimidating, the logo gave the Bucs a great look that lasted through […]

The History Of The Patriots Logo

The New England Patriots started their NFL career in 1960 and were first named the Boston Patriots. The team’s logo started simpler than what we know it today, using only a simplistic tricorne hat for the emblem.

History Of The Steelers Logo and The Team

Pittsburgh Steelers are a celebrated national football team. With six Superbowl rings, 24 division titles, and eight conference championships, they have a lot to celebrate.

The Stranger Things Logo and the History of the Show

Netflix’s wildly popular Stranger Things is more than a TV show. The show’s unique style and heavy nostalgia factor made it a pop culture phenomenon. It’s an homage to 80s adventure movies, an intriguing sci-fi epic, and a monstrous horror story all in one. And so, its distinctive logo is widely recognized and beloved. It’s […]

The History Of The Family Dollar Logo

Family Dollar is a company that runs retail discount stores that offer a variety of goods. They range from selling clothing, household goods, and grocery items in their stores.