Four Free Online Design Courses

Many graphic designers learn the skills they need to create beautiful and powerful logos through online courses. Getting access to quality information can be expensive both online and in-person. There are online classes out there that you can take for a fee, but there are many free courses available, too! If you’re just starting out […]

Featured Design Agency: Penji

If you’re starting a company or you think it’s time to rebrand, then you definitely need a new logo. You want to send the message that your company is turning a new page, and a brand-new logo does just that. While you might want to try to design your logo yourself, many business owners prefer […]

Inspiring Designer: Alexey Efimenko

Alexey Efimenko is a graphic designer and web designer from Kiev, Ukraine, whose designs make a major impression.  Efimenko has designed for law groups, for virtual reality conferences, wineries, and many other types of companies. By using designs that rely heavily on lines and contrast, Efimenko’s style results in designs his customers are happy to […]

Changing Times, Changing Logos: Companies Embrace New Art

When you think of major tech brands, you’re probably think of Apple and Google. When you hear the word “chem,” your brain probably goes straight to chemistry. But there are major logo changes happening for companies in these areas that go beyond our first ideas. Speaking of first thoughts, sports probably aren’t at the top […]

Helpful Tips For Starting With Graphic Design

Why The Journey Of Becoming A Graphic Designer Is Never Easy  Why Everyone Can Benefit From These Tips  The Top Tips  When you’re first starting with becoming a graphic designer, the journey isn’t easy. It’s a long process filled with trial and error, and at times you can feel a little lost. Although the internet […]

The Legends Of Graphic Design

Why it’s important to know the history of graphic design and who influenced it. Why it’s crucial to know these designers by name and know how they impacted graphic design.  A look at three legends of graphic design and how they impacted graphic design today.  Just as everyone has their idols that they look up […]

When Gmail Changed Their Logo and No One Liked It

Gmail changed their logo and users didn’t react well to the change.  Why did Google decide to change the logo?  Will Google change the logo back to its old one due to pressure from the public or will they keep the updated one?  Sourced here.  When you’re used to heading towards the same app icon […]

New February 2021 Logos Are Modern – And Traditional?

In February 2021, we’ve seen several companies rebrand their logos to symbolize how they’re moving forward in the next year of the pandemic.  Will we see more of the clean lines and muted colors? How about fonts and images? Keep reading for more about how an accounting firm, an X, and a luxury goods company […]

How To Find The Right Online Design Course For You

If you want to become a graphic designer but you’re not sure where to begin, an online graphic design course might be the right option for you.  There are a variety of online courses available, covering general topics such as the history of graphic design and more focused skills, such as how to use different […]

5 Famous Brands With Colorful Logos

Although the trend in recent years has been towards simple and modern logos, many successful brands are identified by their brightly colored icons and logos. Colors can evoke emotions, send a message, and immediately connect the viewer to a brand.  It’s not just the bright classic red of the Coca-Cola can that works when it […]

Where to Find the Perfect Logo for Your Business

Designing your logo starts with defining your brand and its mission Assemble the information needed before meeting with your designer or logging into a logo design app Decide the best source for you to have your logo designed and trust the process Branding is an important part of building a successful business.  Along with your […]

How To Pick The Perfect Logo

• What To Do When It Gets Down To Your Final Logo Choices  How To Really Look At Your Audience  Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Logo  It’s the end of your design process. You’ve gone through telling your designer what you’re looking for, you’ve looked at the countless logo design options given to you […]

Should You Get Your Logo Designed By A Freelancer or An Agency?

The Importance Of Finding The Perfect Logo For You What To Think About When Hiring A Freelancer Or Agency Weigh Your Options Before Making Your Decision Your company logo is one of the greatest aspects of your company. Think about some of the top brands – Target, Google, Apple – either you associate them with […]

How to Design An Eye-Catching Tattoo

Why You Want To Design Your Own Tattoo. Add A Personal Touch. Tips For Designing Your Own Tattoo. Don’t Get It Wrong! Once You Feel Confident, Go For It! A tattoo is not only something that will represent you, it’s something that you’ll have with you forever. You want to ensure that it’s everything you […]

Graphic Design Trends For 2021

What To Expect In The New Year With Graphic Design  How Did 2020 Shape Graphic Design In The New Year?  The Top Graphic Design Trends For 2021 The New Year is here and we’re already seeing some classic graphic design trends that will set the pace for the design industry for the rest of 2021. […]

What Makes the World’s Top Logos So Appealing?

…and what we can learn from them. The world’s most successful logos are also the most beautiful — due to using an ancient mathematical principle that leads to great design! Using the Golden Ratio ensures that all components of the logo are in proportion, making it more pleasing to the eye. Brands with highly recognizable […]

The Evolution of the YouTube Logo

If you’re looking for a funny video, or if you want to learn how to fix something simple around the house, it’s a strong possibility that you’ll head to YouTube to find your answers. YouTube dominates the online video marketplace, and to become the major player it is, the company had to have a strong […]

How to Design an Amazing Infographic

All data points should tie into each other and the overall story.  Infographics should be cued into their target audience. The best infographics have a story at their heart.  If a picture says a thousand words, then an infographic says a million! These engaging combinations of text and illustrations can explore big ideas, collect interesting […]

Top Graphic Design Software and Hardware For Digital Creatives

Why Every Designer Needs To Invest In Good Software and Hardware  Some of The Best Hardware For Graphic Designers Of All Skill Levels  Some of The Best Software For Graphic Designers, Including An Option for Te iPad Being a graphic designer means that you need to have high-quality material that allows you to get jobs […]

Best Tools For Graphic Designers

To Be a Great Designer You Need To Take Advantage of Design Tools A Few Of The Top Graphic Design Tools  Tools That Every Designer Needs You can be a good graphic designer on your own, you may even be a great one, but to truly be an amazing graphic designer and create logos that […]

The Top Three Online Design Courses

The Importance Of Graphic Design In Today’s World  An Introduction To Online Design Courses  The Top Three Online Design Courses  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and in our current world, this statement is very true. A piece of graphic art, if done right, can be worth thousands of dollars. There’s […]

Warner Bros New Logo Is Not What We Expected

Warner Bros Updated Their Iconic Logo  Only 11% of People Like The Redesigned Logo  We’re Still Hearing More About The Updated Logo  The new Warner Bros updated animated logo made its debut during the opening of HBO Max Original film Locked Down and it isn’t what we expected. The logo has been modernized and is […]

Why You Need An Online Portfolio (And How To Build It)

When companies hire creatives, either on a full-time or freelance basis, they want to know as much as they can about who they’re working with before the contract begins. An online portfolio is an essential part of this process. Creatives who don’t have them are essentially screaming, “I have no work to prove that I’m […]

10 Logo Designers Who Have Rocked Our World

Over the decades there have been countless famous brands with their respective attractive logos, and it’s often wondered who created this or that magnificent logo? Behind every successful brand, there is always a great designer. It’s not so much the design itself, it’s the face and persona who brought their iconic logo to fruition and […]

Top 3 Ways to Hire a Graphic Designer

Finding the perfect graphic designer to create your business’s brand identity, marketing materials, and overall look-and-feel can be a challenge — but it doesn’t have to be! Do you need a quick project banged out? Someone who can make social graphics every month? Or an expert who can turn your sad old logo into something […]

How To Create An Outstanding Gym Logo

Why are logos important? Well, if you’re starting a business in a highly saturated industry such as fitness, they can mean the difference between a well-known brand and “just another gym”! Logos for a fitness-based business pull triple-duty: they express your unique offerings, set expectations for new clients, and provide brand recognition — crucial when […]

The Top 5 Logo Design Trends of 2021

Art is subjective. No one has the last word on what counts as true art and what’s just an attempt. Logo design is no different than any other type of art. There is no one perfect way to design a logo, just like there’s no one way to draw a portrait. While judging art isn’t […]

Shoe Brands and Their Logos

Need some inspiration for creating a shoe brand logo? This article is the one for you! We look through some of the best shoe brand logos that will spark your imagination and inspire you to create a unique logo. Check it out to learn more! If you’ve seen many popular shoe brand logos, you’re probably […]

Gender Bias Logos

Normally, designers have to remain neutral when designing logos. However, there are times when they’ll have to create a logo that is specifically catered to one gender through its characteristics. If you want to check out some of these logos to see what we’re talking about, check out this article!  They say that there should […]

How To Design An Amazing Movie Poster

 Have you ever had trouble with creating a movie poster? Need some pointers for designing one? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we give our top tips on creating an amazing movie poster that will have everyone impressed! Although the art of designing a movie poster isn’t easy, with these tips you’ll be creating […]

How to Price Your Logo Design Services

Are you pricing your logo designs too low? Or too high? It can be hard to strike the right balance between “competitive” prices and rates that are too expensive for your target clients. If you price too low, though, you could end up getting LESS work — or, worse, being stuck on projects that effectively […]

Did 2020 Really Ruin Logo Design?

“Unprecedented” was the People’s Choice for the 2020 Word of the Year on It makes a lot of sense: so much of the year was different, strange, and unfortunately, disappointing. The year ruined so many activities, from special events like graduations and birthdays to church gatherings and holiday celebrations. But did 2020 ruin other […]

Tools To Guide You On Your Graphic Design Journey

When you first start with designing, the world of graphic design can be overwhelming with the countless design tools available. If you want to take advantage of some of the best design tools to help you on your graphic design journey, check out this article!  It’s common to see graphic designers who are new to […]

Top 5 Worst Design Choices for Your Business Logo

What’s in a logo? If you’e lucky, a strong, clear brand message that can be instantly recognized, whether it’s printed on a t-shirt or splashed across a billboard. However, it’s all too easy to let your logo design get cluttered, which muddles the message and turns what should be a powerful symbol into a blurry […]

Big Brand Names and Logos With Crazy Beginnings

Brick Red. Sunset Orange. Goldenrod. When you see these Crayola names, you can picture the color perfectly, because the name is descriptive enough that you know exactly what to imagine. Adjectives work great for colors, but what about names for cars? Or shoes? Or products that are just now being invented? Coming up with a […]

When to Say No: What Logo Projects Should You Turn Down?

As a graphic designer, there are many projects you might not want to do. But logo projects often seem like great opportunities. After all, it’s the chance to create an essential part of a brand identity! Logos are indeed important, which is why you should choose your projects with care. Bad clients can cost you […]

How To Create A New Business Logo

A good logo is given a lot of power in business circles. And it’s true that a good logo is important, and can definitely open some doors. That said, don’t despair if you can’t hire out your logo design just yet. Creating your own logo can seem both overwhelming and difficult, yes, downright impossible. But […]

Top 4 Logo Design Websites in 2021

What’s the best place to get a logo in 2021? Hundreds of websites promise you professional, high-quality designs — but only a few deliver. Sure, you can design your own with one of the Internet’s many logo markers… or you could choose from a pool of talented designers and get brilliant concepts for your perfect […]

Your Ultimate Checklist for Designing Your Business’s Best Logo

Ever wondered what makes for a successful logo? Or more importantly, how you can get one for your business? Your logo is a condensed, highly symbolic representation of your brand — or at least, it should be. It’s tempting to phone it in and whip something up on Canva. But your logo is like your […]

Creating the Perfect Logo

A logo is the lifeblood of any brand. It is the first impression you make on your customers. Often a first impression is all you get with customers, and a captivating logo can be the difference. Every company wants a stunning logo but often can’t find the right mix of techniques to get there. Throughout […]

Need a New Logo? Hold a Logo Design Contest

If you’re in the market for a new logo then you’re in luck. A logo design contest can provide you with the perfect logo by letting you choose from hundreds of entries from talented creatives from around the world. However, before deciding on a logo design contest, many people have questions about the process. We’ll […]

Useful Add-Ons for Your Blogging Experience

Every blogger’s goal is to build a blog that draws readers in, engages them, and prompts them to read more. Although this in itself takes a unique and qualified writing style, getting writers to your site takes a bit more work on the technical side of things. While good writing may keep them reading more […]

Rebranding a Football Organization Logo to Make Sense for the Future

NFL football is big business. When teams within the organization make dramatic shifts with either personnel, venue relocations, outfit changes, and color selections, and in this case–logo changes and overall team name changes, it’s a sensation to behold. What makes news in the circles of sports is the WHY of these transformative shifts and the […]

Easy Ways to Become a Better Logo Designer!

As a designer, it can be difficult to find productivity to do the necessary work for clients. Since most designers have their jobs dependent on computer work, the self-discipline to do work each day also comes with obstacles that make a graphic designer’s job more difficult. Designers run into more issues with their work-life than […]

Did Joe Biden steal his new logo from a Redditor?

A Reddit user took to the popular forum recently, specifically in the subreddits /r/logodesign and /r/legaladvice, to determine whether other users agreed with him that a logo he had designed had been used as Joe Biden’s campaign logo.

“On Demand Graphic Design”? For real?

Ever notice that the traditional way of doing something can almost become non-existent overnight? How in just a blink of the eye the old way that used to be so popular can just vanish, of course on other hand some things do slowly fade out over time and gradually become just a distant memory. But […]

Milton Glaser vs. Design Contests

The Ocean State has a new logo. Unveiled on March 28th, the logo is part of a $5M branding campaign and was designed by respected designer Milton Glaser, creator of the iconic “ILoveNY” logo. It’s not very popular. The first reaction to the new logo, initially shared on the campaign’s new Facebook page “Visit Rhode […]

Truth Telling.

One of the most important things in design is to show people what they want to see-not what they need to see. Imagine if the small print was the big print and if what we don’t say, we start saying. A  Swedish designer by the name of  Viktor Hertz, followed through on this fun idea with his collection of […]

All In The Perspective.

It is interesting how to one person, something can look so great and yet, to another the very same things can be terrible. I guess it is a little like that proverb, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. Things are always different depending on who you are and where you are standing. Take for example the 7 year […]

American Airlines’ New Logo.

It looks as though American Airlines has joined the many companies that are updating their new logos and has for the first time -since 1967-updated their logo. It seems to have taken many folks by surprise that they chose such a different design from the one they have had for the past 45+ years. It rather interesting to hear […]

All In The Details.

When working with graphics there are many things to keep in mind. However, one of the very most important is never forgetting the details. You need to look at not just the design-many people think of good designs-but at what is around the edges. The little details that others may not initially notice, but make that makes the design […]

Lovely Labels.

It is the label that says it all. And more specifically, the design on the label. I don’t know about you, but it is always the label that catches my eye. I am not talking about planned purchases here. But about the impulse buys. The I-see-it-and-I-know-I-need-it buys. And as a marketer, how do you convince people that they need […]

What is in Vogue?

As designers, it is always good to take a look around, and size up the competition {well, in the design world that is!}. Logo design is a business. And in every business, you must know who, and what you are dealing with. Never be afraid to say you do not know about something, and then dig in, […]

Not sure what you think about change?

“You can be Cautious or you can be Creative (but there’s no such thing as a Cautious Creative).” – George Lois That is good advice there. When it comes to design, you must be bold. You need to step out and just do it. Many designers are afraid to do something different, and think that it […]


I like to write. But just because I like to write does not mean that I always know what to write about. And I find  that the same rule seems to apply for many writers. Creativity is a wonderful thing, but it must be used wisely. You can write down words, but it does not […]

Ten Commandments….for Logo Designers?

We all like to have order. To have direction. To be told the right and wrong. To have purpose. And I have found that it is always nice-no matter how much we know- to get a little tip. To have someone give us that little bit of encouragement,  that little nice helpful bit of advice, that extra “boost”, to hear […]

New Wendy’s Logo!

Yes, for the first time since 1983, Wendy’s (a well-known, Ohio-based fast-food chain, known for its burgers and Frostys) has a new logo! A cleaned up, less busy, more streamlined one, it still features the familiar pig-tailed redhead, just not quite so young and childlike. It also has the same red color scheme. Wendy’s was founded in 1969, by Dave Thomas. Thomas […]

Glowing roads?

Apparently, in Holland in 2013,  experimental designs that glow in the dark will be installed on a couple of hundred meters of road. A powder that uses light from the sun to recharge, and lasts about 10 hours will be used. “It’s like the glow in the dark paint you and I had when we were children,” […]

On politics.

With all the debating and upcoming elections, there are a lot of thoughts stirring, questions being asked, arguments, etc. I don’t follow politics. There. I just said it. Maybe I should. I am not sure. It is something that I have never been concerned or interested in. But there are a few things that I do know. People have opinions, and […]

Amazing art.

Recently I came across an amazing artist-Tom Fruin. One need only see one example of his work to understand just how talented he is {see pictures below}. Tom was born in 1974 in Los Angeles, California and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His recently designed kaleidoscopic water tower is in itself incredible…next time I […]

Running a good business in the race of life.

We all stand on the brink of uncertainty. We don’t know what will happen next. Even the most well laid plans can go by the wayside. What we see as a masterpiece, others could not think less of. And, as in life, the same goes with business. We make plans, we lay out the map, but even the best made plans […]

Logos – old or new?

What is a Logo? Some of the less knowledgeable would perhaps say that Logos are something that has only come around since technology, since large businesses, etc. They are, as a a matter of fact, quite wrong. Remember the old signs out in the Wild West? For a saloon, there would be a jug of whiskey on the sign, alongside the writing. […]

Are you never hugged? This vest may be your new best friend.

Living in a world that celebrates social media, and narrowing it down to Facebook in particular,  Melissa Kit Chow (in collaboration with Andy Payne and Phil Seaton as part of MIT’s Tangible Media Group), has designed this vest, seeking to find the connection between digital data and physicality. The “Like- A- Hug Vest”,  inflates when something of yours is “liked” on Facebook,  producing an effect of […]

The rise of Instagram.

Not too long ago, Facebook paid approximately 1 billion dollars for Instagram,  free photo-sharing program and social network that has over one million registered users. By May 2012, each second, 58 photos were being uploaded, each second, a new user was being gained, and the total number of photos uploaded (since inception) was more than one billion. Instagram confines photos to a square shape, similar […]

Facebook’s first ad. A historic moment?

As it reaches one billion users, Facebook celebrates by running its first ad,  created by Wieden & Kenedy (creators of Old Spice’s “Man your man could smell like” and Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan),  and directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. Called “The Things That Connect Us“, it was written by Erin Swanson and Brad Trost. and was filmed in Portland, Los […]

New Arby’s Logo

Yes, Arby’s (a fast-food chain, that has an unmistakable big red southern hat for its logo), has a new logo-just in time for its 50 anniversary coming up. Previously, Arby’s was owned by the same company that owns Wendy’s but is now owned by Roark Capital Group as of 2011, who owns around 1,100 of the locations with the rest being franchises […]

Awesome Typographic Bird Houses!

I don’t know about you, but when I saw this the other day, I thought they were so great-I don’t think I would mind having one! Not only is the design great, but I think the wood is pretty great too…I think it would be great to use them to create the name of your […]

Effective Website Logo Creation 101.

Many business owners erroneously perceive the logo simply as a short description image for their company. However, I would like to point out that what makes a logo fulfill all its functions resides in its meaning and symbolism. Because they represent the heart of a business’s identity, a company’s logo can be best compared to […]

iPhone 5 makes a splash!

Apple has now come out with the iPhone 5, and has broken a company record last week, with the pre-order sales of over 2 million iPhone 5 handsets in 24 hours! Apple marketing chief Philip Schiller said “The customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal” and “iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet, the […]

Latest in logos….

The most recent news in the logo design world is that of online logo design contest site, 99 Designs, expanding to Europe by buying out, 12Designer, a Berlin-based version of itself. Eva Missling was one of the founders of 12designer and is now acting as European General Manager for Melbourne-based 99Designs. 99Designs president and CEO, Patrick Llewellyn […]

Going Cheap – Is It The Right Way?

You, as a designer have started your own small company, created a wonderful portfolio, and also kept your price down. Now, you’re waiting for clients to come. But something seems to be wrong. It has been quite a long time and you are not getting as much work as you had expected. Seems like people […]

New Microsoft Logo.

For the first time in 25 years Microsoft has changed it’s logo. A rather subtle change, compared to that of the Olympic’s new one. Less streamline, more squared. Same colors, however, maybe a bit less bold. Still the same black lettering, just in straight font, instead of italic. Altogether, I rather like the new one, and, after 25 years, I would […]

Cool creature cups.

I don’t know about you, but in the morning I need my coffee. First thing. So I can function. Sad. But very, very true. Fact: I love coffee. And, the other day, while browsing the web I came across these great cups-just the thing for a morning in the office, (getting that caffeine fix!)  to add a bit […]


WHY ILLUSTRATOR? Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular applications among graphic designers, especially those who specialize in designing logos. When it comes to designing logos the advantages of Adobe Illustrator are many, including the fact that it is a vector-based software i.e. you can scale the image to extremely large proportions and still not […]

2012 Olympics Logo- yea or nay?r

So…I have been following with interest all the debate on the 2012 Olympic logo, and am still not sure what my end decision is. There is one thing for sure-it will be well remembered-maybe not in a positive light, but still, no one is going to forget it. From what I have read, I have noticed a few things […]

Street Art….

Are you like me, and have always wondered what was up with all the incredible, mosaic decorated telephone poles in New York City? Well, I just recently found this short film that explains it all!

How to design a folder… without losing your mind.

Designing and printing folders for presentations, marketing or commercial purposes require artistic vision as well as geometry notions or basic psychological knowhow regarding perception. This is why I have decided to compile a list of the most frequently encountered errors which I hope will come in handy on your next project.

Files You Should Get From Your Designers.

I don’t know about you, but I really needed some help what it came to knowing what files to expect when I received my logo, which was why I found this post that I recently found extremely helpful, “Have a logo? Here are the files you should get from you designer”. Author Sarah Leigh says, […]

PBS: The Art Of Logo Design:

Check out PBS’s “Off Book” series, where we get to see behind the scenes what it takes to make a logo, as well as interviews with design experts.  Short, but full of helpful information – you really do have to watch! It’s a lot of fun!