The History Of The Doritos Logo

Doritos is a famous brand that’s well known for its delicious tortilla chips that work as a fantastic snack or something to munch on during those long car rides. We’re pretty sure that most of our readers are already familiar with the tasty chips that are manufactured by Frito Lay, which is a subsidiary of […]

The History Of The Indeed Logo

When you first look at the logo for the employment company Indeed it looks pretty straightforward. The logo is a simple wordmark blue with a dash above the ‘i’ on the left side.

The History Of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo And The Team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers first appeared in the NFL in 1976 and brought with them one of the most unique logos at the time. Popularly known as the “Bucco Bruce,” the logo featured a pirate with a knife in his mouth. Although not overly intimidating, the logo gave the Bucs a great look that lasted through […]

The History Of The Patriots Logo

The New England Patriots started their NFL career in 1960 and were first named the Boston Patriots. The team’s logo started simpler than what we know it today, using only a simplistic tricorne hat for the emblem.

History Of The Steelers Logo and The Team

Pittsburgh Steelers are a celebrated national football team. With six Superbowl rings, 24 division titles, and eight conference championships, they have a lot to celebrate.

The Stranger Things Logo and the History of the Show

Netflix’s wildly popular Stranger Things is more than a TV show. The show’s unique style and heavy nostalgia factor made it a pop culture phenomenon. It’s an homage to 80s adventure movies, an intriguing sci-fi epic, and a monstrous horror story all in one. And so, its distinctive logo is widely recognized and beloved. It’s […]

The History Of The Family Dollar Logo

Family Dollar is a company that runs retail discount stores that offer a variety of goods. They range from selling clothing, household goods, and grocery items in their stores.

The History Of The Hogwarts Logo

You’ve heard of Harry Potter. Yes, that Harry Potter. The one who went to Hogwarts, the one who has an amusement park dedicated to them, and the one who is the focus of a billion-dollar enterprise. While you may be the biggest Potterhead out there, you may not have looked at the logo of this […]

The History of the Dell Logo

Think about your day. When you think about your day, you’ll likely find that some part of it was spent behind a computer screen. That’s because computers have become a part of our everyday lives. We work behind a screen, we catch up with friends behind a screen, and we even stream television shows behind […]

The History of The Dallas Cowboys Logo

The football team that’s known as America’s Team has been regarded as one of our country’s most famous teams and has earned the praise of America. This is largely due to the team’s visual ambassadors, specifically their five-point lone star that is their team’s logo. This iconic logo has represented the team for nearly six years and has become a signature part of their team. 

The Top Typography Resources For Logo Designers

Fonts are an important part of any graphic designer’s job, but they’re not always easy to find If you’re a graphic designer that’s been struggling to find fonts that will work for your logo design projects, we’re here to help In this article, we tell you about the top typography resources for graphic designers Any […]

The Apple Logo Through The Years

We’re all familiar with the famous Apple logo, but how many of us know the history behind it?  The Apple logo is a great place for graphic designers to seek inspiration and see amazing designs to inspire them  Let’s  take a look at the Apple logo through the years and where it began compared to […]

Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings

Although most of us are familiar with the famous logos in the world, not everyone knows about the mysterious hidden meanings behind them  There’s a lot of logos that have hidden meanings behind them that you may not have known before  We share all of the famous logos and what hidden meanings that their logos […]

How To Design A Movie Poster

Movie posters matter significantly when promoting movies and advertising them to the public  There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when designing a movie poster to provide the best possible result  In this article, we give helpful info on how you can design a movie poster  Since even the earliest […]

Best Tablets For Logo Designers

Finding a high quality drawing tablet is important for any graphic designer, but the process can seem overwhelming when you’re first starting  You want to make sure that you get the best tablet possible for your money and are choosing the best option on the market  We talk about all of the top tablets for […]

Logo Design Trends We’ve Seen In 2021

New trends come and go every year, and for this year there were a lot of design trends predicted  Did these predictions come true and what were they?  We go over all the graphic design trends that we’ve seen in 2021 and why they were so popular  The beautiful thing about graphic design is that […]

The History Of The Burger King Logo

Three hamburger fast-food chains are usually the first fast-food chains people think of: McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. While McDonald’s has never wavered from being the top burger chain when it comes to sales, Burger King has tried to rival them time and time again.  While Burger King doesn’t have any signature double gold arches, […]

How To Design A T-shirt

As a graphic designer when you think about designing a t-shirt it can seem intimidating at first  Designing a t-shirt can be not only easy, but it can also be fun if you have the right knowledge  In this article we cover how to design a killer t-shirt by giving tips like picking the right […]